Majority of black South Africa

Majority of black South Africans opposed to quotas in sport

A new survey by the South African Institute of Race Relations shows that an overwhelming majority of black South Africans believe that sports teams should be picked based on merit and not transformation goals.

Majority of black South Africa

More than 70% of Black South Africans and 77% of all South Africans are in favour of sports teams picked purely based on merit instead of racial quotas. The 2016 study by the IRR asked participants their opinion on merit-based selections for sports teams.

Besides black South Africans; 87% of coloureds, 94.9% of Asians, and 84.3% of whites favoured merit-based selections over racial quotas.

The survey was made up of 2 245 people from all nine provinces, of whom 1 757 were black.

Earlier today the trade union Solidarity and civil rights organisation AfriForum announced that they’d use these stats for their own agendas, namely to take government to court for announcing a ban on SA hosting sports events until racial quotas have been forced through.

“Sport in South Africa is regulated by the National Sport and Recreation Act. This Act prohibits the minister from interfering when it comes to the selection of sports teams,” Solidarity chief executive Dirk Hermann said.

Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula announced in April that he had banned SARU, Athletics SA, Cricket SA, and Netball SA from bidding for, or hosting, any major international tournaments until his racial quotas had been met…

“By no manner of means do the Employment Equity Act and the National Sport and Recreation Act make provision for government interference in the selection of players for teams. This is exactly what the minister is now doing, and as civil society we simply cannot allow this to happen,” Hermann said.