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One year since Maimane left the DA: ‘My skin is glowing, my mind is clear’

One SA Chief Activist Mmusi Maimane says he’s at peace and has had time to reflect on his political journey thus far.

Maimane DA ANC

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One SA Movement Chief Activist Mmusi Maimane, on Friday 23 October, said it had been one year since he left the Democratic Alliance (DA). Having had the time to reflect on his political journey, he outlined what his main focus is. 


Maimane, reflecting on his journey, said he’s at peace.

“My skin is glowing, my mind is clear, I am at peace and I have had some time to reflect on my political journey thus far,” he said. 

He said that when he got into formal politics there were two main rivals and he did not believe in the African National Congress (ANC). 

“I believed it was the right and strategic move at the time. I bought into the vision,” he said. 

“I grew a lot, I learnt the internal dynamics of a national political entity, I got to see the nature of our national problems first hand. Policy problems, personnel problems,” he added. 

Maimane said that as the leader, 80% of his work was managing internal conflicts and interference from outside actors. He said he tried to do that with kindness and grace but the environment was not fertile.

“When you enter an organization you believe in your capacity to change it from the inside, to make it better than you found it through your contribution. While you work on that, the outside world feels like you don’t hear their calls and feel their pain. I heard and I felt,” he said. 


Maimane went on to say that he does not think he made the wrong decision by leaving the DA. 

“This path is one that is free from the entanglements of organisational history. The events of the last year have shown that I was right about the problems of the new direction. A direction of division and not unity,” he said. 

Looking at the problems the country and the continent is facing and taking into account the impact of COVID-19, Maimane said the old leaders, old parties and old methods have failed.

“I am on a new path and I have new energy. The journey is a marathon,” he said.  

Maimane said the path ahead may seem confusing to some, as he’s heard questions like “what is Mmusi doing?” but in response he says; something new, something different, something disruptive. 

“We can’t continue down the old paths, with old routines and the same old, same old. I am not bitter about the past, I am not holding any grudges. I am looking forward and I am looking upwards and I am excited to be working with young people across this nation,” he said.  

“We will realize the South Africa that was promised and never delivered. I am devoted to that cause,” he added.