supra mahumapelo

Supra Mahumapelo / Photo by Luke Daniel,

Mahumapelo vows to expose ANC moles behind ‘state capture’ agenda [video]

Th man was unhinged and let a few shockers out in his rant outside the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court.

supra mahumapelo

Supra Mahumapelo / Photo by Luke Daniel,

The bribery case against African National Congress (ANC) MP Bongani Bongo resumed at the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court, on Friday. However, more interesting were the comments made by ex-North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo who hinted at further divisions within the ruling party.

Bribery case against Bongo postponed

Bongo, who was active in Parliament discussions around the extensions of the deadline for public comments on the amendment of Section 25 of the Constitution, made a short appearance at the Cape Town court, on Friday morning.

His case relates to allegations that he offered Advocate Ntuthuzelo Vanara, evidence leader on a Parliamentary commission of inquiry into irregulations at Eskom, a payment by cheque to make things disappear.

The case has since been postponed to Friday 21 February.

Mosebenzi Zwane bemoans lack of ANC support in Bongo trial

While Bongo was reluctant to speak with the media, his support base of outcasted ANC leaders, Mosebenzi Zwane — former mineral resources minister — and Mahumapelo, had a few things to get off their chest.

Zwane acknowledged the lack of support Bongo’s case has received from the party he has served for many years. However, the former minister vowed to engage with the party’s leadership and find ways to mobilise ground forces to maintain a consistent presence in the courtroom.

“We will talk to them (ANC). It’s not a secret. Supporting one of us should not be made a secret. Those who are available will come and will fill this court and support, and stand behind, our comrade,” Zwane cried.

Unhinged Mahumapelo vows to ‘spill the beans’

Mahumapelo did not take the diplomatic approach in expressing his disdain with the way the party has turned the blind eye on the Bongo case.

The former premier warned that there will come a time when they — the outcasted trio — dish out the dirt and expose ANC moles who have ramped up a campaign against a faction of party members.

The ANC, gathered in Pretoria on the second day of the all-important Lekgotla, has yet to respond to Mahumapelo’s outburst.