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ANC plan to create new ‘basic income grant’ – possibly with R350 payments

Ace Magashule says the ANC has been considering a new basic income grant ‘for many years’ – and the monthly payments could be set at R350.

magashule state capture

Photo: Flickr / GCIS

The R350 “Relief of Disaster” payments haven’t exactly gone down smoothly with South Africans, following a string of technical and administrative errors. However, this has done nothing to deter the ANC from pursuing the introduction of a “basic income grant” – and it could pick-up from where this temporary scheme ends.

Scheduled to run only until October, the current R350 grants are available to millions of South Africans affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Claiming the funds has been a nightmare for many, and SASSA admitted that they would review 85% of applications that may have been erroneously declined.

Ace Magashule explains plans for ‘basic income grant’

However, the payout looks like it could be the dry-run for something even bigger. A basic income grant would apply to a wider range of citizens, and it’d also be paid out monthly. Magashule claims the ANC has wanted to implement a new social grant “for many years” – and hinted that the R350 figure could stay in place.

“There is a paper, which will allow our structures and society the chance to explain how they feel about the implementation of a basic income grant. This has been up for debate for many years within the ANC. The time to implement it is now. There is, perhaps, the concept of it being R350 – but we need more feedback.”

Ace Magashule

Could the R350 SASSA payment become a permanent fixture?

Of course, this is very much rooted amongst a field of “ifs” and “buts”. Magashule’s bold announcement indicates the very start of a process where specialist research teams must evaluate how a basic income grant could be rolled out – hopefully, it’ll be in a manner that learns from the mistakes SASSA has made with the R350 handouts.

The ANC’s social transformation committee will be in charge of weighing-up the feasibility of such a project, and according to the Secretary-General, there’s certainly an appetite for this within the NEC.