david mabuza ff plus land grabs

Photo: @DDMabuza / TW

Mabuza Q&A: Reducing electricity prices will eliminate load shedding

Mabuza made a few assurances during his Q and A, including the possibility of cutting down electricity prices and fuel costs.

david mabuza ff plus land grabs

Photo: @DDMabuza / TW

Deputy President, David Mabuza has insisted that the key to eliminating the threat of load shedding lies in the complex issue between high electricity prices and a failing economy.

David Mabuza Q&A: Key highlights from his responses

Mabuza faced a slew of difficult questions fielded by opposition parties. The deputy president was grilled on a range of issues affecting South Africa, including — but not limited to — probes on what the government is doing to address the scourge of gender-based violence, the embattled Eskom and how it’s dealing with load shedding, and of course, if South Africa was still attractive to investors — among other things.

Mabuza noted that men in South Africa needed to reflect on their values and do more to address the scourge of gender-based violence.

“The sustained and heinous attacks on women is a clear indication that our moral compass as a nation is dangerously out of tune with our common values of compassion, care, human dignity and Ubuntu,” he said.

Questioned about his position on the future of Eskom, Mabuza made it clear that he stands with Ramaphosa’s vision of restructuring the power utility.

He indicated, with rather unusual enthusiasm, that he was in full support of the state parastatal’s unbundling, silencing the bickering from the opposition with, “I do, I do!”

He also stood by the fact that “the world still believes in South Africa”. Mabuza admitted that the road to rehabilitating our flailing economy was a long one, but nothing is impossible.

“Nation-building and social cohesion are key pillars of social progress and inclusive economic prosperity. A nation bound by a deep sense of cohesiveness, patriotism and national pride is built on the foundations of a shared purpose and common goals.

“It is a nation defined by a common set of positive moral norms and values that guide our actions, behaviours and interactions in society,” he said.

How to eliminate load shedding, as suggested by DD

While most of the issues Mabuza addressed were of paramount importance, none was more crucial than an update on the load shedding situation.

As Eskom entered the second day of rolling blackouts, at stage 2, Mabuza assured Parliament that everything was being done to stabilise the situation.

He unreservedly — on behalf of the power utility — apologised to those who have been affected by load shedding. Asked what the solution to load shedding is, Mabuza stated that there is a direct link between high electricity prices and the rolling blackouts.

Only days after Eskom indicated its intention to challenge Nersa’s tariff hikes in court, Mabuza indicated that load shedding would be non-existent if it was cheaper to purchase electricity.

In his view, cheaper electricity would increase economic activity and a growing economy solves Eskom’s maintenance and infrastructural problems.

The deputy president assured Parliament that the government was edging closer to solving issues related to high electricity prices, escalating fuel costs and eliminating load shedding.