Looting Watch: Now beer truck loses its load but locals clean up quickly

A ‘granny’ in a pink dressing gown has hit online fame after appearing in a beer truck looting video that went viral on Wednesday.


An elderly looter of a truck of beers that lost its load somewhere on the roads in Mzansi has shot to fame as the “aunty in the pink dressing gown” after she was filmed displaying her strength as she walked off with a case of beer.

The video, starring the “granny” in the pink nightgown, which went viral on social media on Wednesday, drew lots of criticism and amusement from people posting on Facebook.

The video, which was shared on eThekwini Secure’s Facebook Page shows a truck in the background with its load of beer strewn across the road. Member of the public can be seen at the scene of the accident looting the load as if they had won the lottery. The granny in the pink dressing gown can be seen making a brisk getaway with her loot of beer.

It is unclear exactly where in Mzansi the truck lost its load but one social media commentator remarked at it had occurred in Marrianridge in the Pinetown area in KwaZulu-Natal.

Angela Bronkhorst commented on Facebook: “This is the recycling gang no waste”.

Naadirah Abdool was on the opposite side of the fence remarking that “South Africa has a stealing problem…this is what happens when you don’t cut off people’s hands.”

But Mazwi Alfonzo Black took it lightheartedly.

“Please my heart to see the “Rainbow nation” loothing (sic) together. now we know it’s not a one race issue since some thought of it that way,” Black posted.

Naseema Suliman remarked: “Not looting. Being considerate and helpful. They are clearing the road so that traffic can flow again.”

Jay Punk commented, “check the old lady in her pink gown”.

“Gowns, bedroom slippers and hair flying,” joked Jerinese Pretorius.

Merlin Leonard Cling Marais chipped in, “I know that lady with the pink gown” to which Sanjay Maharaj responded, “looks like the queen”.

Sarah Ahmed Jan joked: “Yoh the old aunty in the pink gown…Damn she got strength to carry a crate”.

Watch the video here: