London only visa being touted

London only visa being touted by London Business as a post-Brexit solution

The United Kingdom – and more specifically London – could lose a large part of its workforce if EU nationals have to abide by the same visa rules as non-EU nationals.

London only visa being touted

The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has proposed a “London-only visa” for EU nationals. LCCI has touted this visa as a solution to keep EU migrants working in the capital post Brexit.

The UK government is yet to confirm which visa rules will apply to EU migrants when the country leaves, however, there are some concerns  If the same visa rules that currently apply to non-EU nationals were to be extended to EU nationals, the country is likely to lose a large part of its workforce. It is estimated that around three quarters of the UK’s EU workers would not meet the requirements.

Economia reports that LCCI suggest making London a  “targeted migration area” within the UK immigration system. This would also involve having a dedicated skills shortage list – similar to that currently in place in Scotland.

LCCI also wants a “dedicated capital work permit system” to allow for “controlled access” of any future migrant workers.

The Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) estimates that EU nationals represent 25% of London’s workforce and added an £44bn gross value to London’s economy and paid around £13bn in taxes in the previous financial year.

The Financial Times also reported that the proposal includes a London-specific national insurance number and a clause that would allow for 60 days to find alternative employment should a worker lose their jobs.