local government elections Christiaan Carstens ANC

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Local Government Elections: ANC ‘young communist’ gets people talking

There’s just over a month to go until the local government elections. The youngest ANC candidate is just 20 years old. Meet Christiaan Carstens.

local government elections Christiaan Carstens ANC

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From Russia with love?
After weeks of back and forth and scandal over submitting their candidate lists for the upcoming local government elections on the 1st of November,
we finally know the names of who the ANC has put forward.
Given the size and history of the ANC, the party has put forward a candidate in every single ward across the country.
But with thousands of candidates, a 20-year-old by the name of Christiaan Carstens is starting to get noticed.

Meet Christiaan Carstens, an ANC candidate for the Local Government Elections

Carstens is firstly making history this year, as the joint youngest ANC candidate to contest the local government elections. He is a first-year UNISA student studying a BA in Political Leadership and Citizenship. He’s also a member of the Young Communist League of South Africa.

Carstens is one of the few white candidates representing the ANC. And is looking to take Ward 8 back from the DA in Jeffrey’s Bay, in the Eastern Cape’s Kouga municipality.

One look at his social media accounts, or dress sense, gives away his proud love of all things communism.

The son of a history teacher, Carstens has been open about his fascination for Russian communist history. As well as the readings of Vladimir Lenin.

The inclusion of the young student ahead of the elections, is all part of the ANC’s push to field a much younger lineup on the ballot papers.

“We have a candidate as young as 20 years contesting in Kouga. We insisted that the list must have a component of young people. Approximately 25% of our list is composed of young South Africans, so that we can build for the future.”

ANC Deputy Secretary General Jessie Duarte

Christiaan Carstens: Communist policies proven to work

Carstens is quick to argue that China can teach South Africa a lot of lessons. And says the ANC is the best hope of offering more socialist policies to help the country.

“I believe that the ANC alliance is the best formation for these policies in South Africa”, Carstens recently told Newzroom Afrika

The 20-year-old says his interest in history led him to take issue with many inaccuracies about South Africa, including claims of white genocide. Carstens claims that communist politics give the youth a platform to “push for policies that we have seen work before”.

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While his ward has been a DA stronghold for many years, Carstens says he will continue to push to help the ANC build up proportional representation in the area.

Jeffrey’s Bay residents, will you be giving him a shot?