loan shark Ndwedwe

A loan shark was brutally murdered in Ndwedwe. Images via Pixabay.

Loan shark brutally murdered while using the loo

A loan shark from Ndwedwe sustained ten gunshot wounds when he was attacked while in the toilet. He was declared dead on scene.

loan shark Ndwedwe

A loan shark was brutally murdered in Ndwedwe. Images via Pixabay.

A 24-year-old loan shark was brutally murdered while using an outside toilet on his property in Sonkombo, Ndwedwe, in KwaZulu-Natal. 

The incident happened on Tuesday night, 13 December. 


According to private security, Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA), Ndwedwe SAPS contacted them at approximately 22:34 requesting medical assistance for the victim. 

RUSA spokesperson Prem Balram said on arrival; members discovered a large crowd gathered at the scene. 

Balram said medics were escorted to an informal toilet situated approximately 30 metres away from the main building. 

“Upon examination, the victim was found seated on the toilet with his pants around his ankles. He sustained ten gunshot wounds to the anterior part of his body. He showed no signs of life and was declared deceased,” Balram said. 

loan shark Ndwedwe
RUSA members on scene. Image via Facebook/Reaction Unit South Africa.

According to the loan shark’s mother, he had informed her that he needed to use the toilet. She was waiting for him in the yard when she noticed two men enter the property. 

One person remained at the entrance while a second individual approached the toilet. She called out to the man to identify himself when he greeted her. She was unable to locate him due to the darkness. He opened the door to the toilet and fired multiple shots at her son when she fled into her home. The deceased was confirmed to be a loan shark. 

Law enforcement agencies did not immediately establish the motive for the murder.

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