Listeriosis Listeria Woolworths

An up-close photo of the bacteria (NICD)

Listeriosis: Tiger Brands close Pretoria factory due to listeria discovery

After closures in Polokwane and Germiston, Pretoria follows suit

Listeriosis Listeria Woolworths

An up-close photo of the bacteria (NICD)

Tiger Brands have issued a statement saying that their food production factory in Pretoria will be temporarily closed, as traces of listeriosis have been detected.

However, the company maintain this is just a “precautionary measure”, and the levels of the listeria strain are “well within the government’s range” that allow food production to continue.

Listeriosis traced to Pretoria factory

Tiger Brands are taking no chances though, after their operations in Polokwane – compromising of Enterprise Foods and Rainbow Chicken – were identified as the source of the listeriosis outbreak.

So far, the disease has claimed 183 lives from almost 1,000 registered cases. Gauteng has been the worst affected area, with more than half of all cases reported just in the province alone.

Tiger Brands respond to Pretoria listeriosis case

Lawrence MacDougall is the CEO for Tiger Brands. He came under fire during his initial response to listeriosis crisis, as the source of the disease was traced back to one of their factories.

He still maintained that “no link has been confirmed” between Tiger Brands and Listeriosis. However, he did assure the public that the factories with readings of Listeria and being “extensively cleaned”:

“We acknowledge that we are dealing with a national crisis and want to assure the public that in the event that a tangible link is established between our products and listeriosis illnesses or fatalities, Tiger Brands will take steps to consider and address any valid claims which may be made against it in due course.”

“Tiger Brands is working with a team comprising some of the world’s leading local and international scientific experts in listeria management.”

“Our Polokwane, Germiston and Pretoria factories are undergoing an extensive deep clean of all the equipment, machinery and some structural upgrades of the facilities with the view of ensuring that our facilities exceed the highest, best practice standards for meat processing facilities.”

What foods have now been recalled by Tiger Brands?

Tiger Brands has instituted a product recall of all “Snax” products manufactured at the Pretoria factory with immediate effect. This goes onto the list of tainted meats which were confirmed two weeks ago.

All ready-to-eat meat products associated with the brand are at risk of containing listeriosis. If you are in possession of this product, return it to the store from where it was bought, so it can be disposed of safely.