lindiwe sisulu

Photo: DWS / Twitter

Lindiwe Sisulu concedes “water shedding” could hit South Africa

Anyone for a flannel wash in the dark? Lindiwe Sisulu has asked South Africans not to panic, but “water shedding” is on the table if things don’t change.

lindiwe sisulu

Photo: DWS / Twitter

Water and Sanitation Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has refused to rule out the prospect of “water shedding” in South Africa, despite telling the public not to panic about recent challenges with scarcity.

Lindiwe Sisulu talks water shedding

A number of suburbs across Gauteng and the north-east of the country have experienced intermittent water shortages over the past five days, with some regions going almost a week without any running water. The crisis has forced Sisulu and her department to call an emergency press conference with Rand Water.

“No need to panic” – Lindiwe Sisulu

Addressing the issues raised since Wednesday, Lindiwe Sisulu acknowledged that South Africa was facing the devastating affects of climate change. With usual rainfall events proving to be more infrequent over recent years, the minister called upon citizens to change the way they consume water, suggesting that a “water shedding” schedule could take place if things don’t change:

“We are faced with high temperatures which then impacts on water demand. I have been advised by experts that there earliest rainfall will be experienced in December. There’s is no need to panic. We just all need to be prudent with water. I am aware that my predecessors have been faced with challenge of drought.”

“I can assure you that as a Department, we are doing our best to adapt to the effects of Climate Change. I do acknowledge that indeed we are facing water scarcity in many parts of the country. I implore you all to use water sparingly. If we all use water sparingly, there won’t be a need for water shedding.”

Lindiwe Sisulu

Water shedding “if nothing changes”

The situation has several similarities with the “day zero” fears which gripped Cape Town in 2017. Meanwhile, executives for Rand Water were also in attendance at the briefing. They made a series of points which explained the problems facing them, and echoed calls for water to be used more sparingly in this part of South Africa

  • Consumption levels in Rand Water’s area of supply (Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Free State, North West) has rocketed.
  • Domestic users must begin to seriously save water consumption usage.
  • We are at a point where we need to limit the non personal.use of water.
  • Climate change has contirbuted to the stress on the water system.