Limpopo South African CEOs

Shacks in Limpopo (Photo: Vincent Lali)

Limpopo’s ANC government criticised for building “zero houses” in four years

They have seriously failed their people.

Limpopo South African CEOs

Shacks in Limpopo (Photo: Vincent Lali)

Limpopo citizens have been outraged by the revelation that their provincial government has failed to build a single social housing unit in the last four years.

The bombshell was dropped by Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA) Chief Executive Officer Rory Gallagher. The Polokwane Observer report he shared his findings in a Parliamentary portfolio committee. They make for very grim reading…

His presentation highlighted that the province’s 1 050 Medium Term Strategic Framework (MTSF) targeted units were nowhere near completion. In fact, they’re nowhere near a beginning.

Social housing in Limpopo

The Department of Cooperative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs (COGHSTA) have faced vociferous criticism from Solly Malatsi. He’s the DA’s human settlements minister, and he told the publication that failures across the board in Limpopo have been “an unforgivable sin”.

“The failure of the Limpopo province to deliver a single social housing unit since 2014 to date is an indictment on the provincial department of human settlements, which continues to betray the aspirations of thousands of low income-earning residents looking to their dignity restored by having a home of their own.

“In a province where the demand for housing opportunities is as massive as it is in Limpopo, the persistent lack of delivery when it comes to housing is an unforgivable sin in governance which the ANC (African National Congress) will be punished for by voters in next year’s national elections.”

Limpopo government under the cosh

This news somewhat compounds the misery for COGHSTA. It was also revealed this week that hundreds of litigation claims have been levelled against the organisation. DA Limpopo Provincial Leader Jacques Smalle highlighted the issue on Friday.

Claims against COGHSTA were mainly due to the 257 chieftainship claims followed by the Department of Transport, with 160 civil claims involving potholes and the Premier’s Office with 128 chieftainship cases.

Smalle also cited a recent report by the Office of the Premier, which confirmed the Limpopo government currently has 1064 pending civil cases against it.

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