BELA Bill Lesufi Afrikaans

Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi. Image via Twitter/@GPEducation1

Lesufi vs Afriforum: Lobby group takes MEC to court

It appears the ultimate showdown is afoot as Afriforum has filed a defamation suit against Panyaza Lesufi after he accused the lobby group of trying to assassinate him

BELA Bill Lesufi Afrikaans

Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi. Image via Twitter/@GPEducation1

Afriforum has stayed true to its word by instituting legal action against Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi for defamation.

This is in relation to claims Lesufi made last year, that the lobby group had planned to assassinate him because of his vocal opposition to its mainly pro-white policies, which include plans to build an Afrikaans-only university.

During a press briefing on the department’s state of readiness ahead of the 2020 academic year, Lesufi accused the organisation of targeting him.

“If they want to fight me, they are free to do that. What they’ve been doing before”, he said.

“They’ve been following me, they’ve been following my family, they’ve been following my children. They’ve been trying to attack me, they’ve been trying to assassinate me.”

In response to the bombshell allegation, Afriforum’s Kallie Kriel said:

“Panyaza Lesufi blatantly lied when he said (Afriforum) has been trying to assassinate him, and had been hacking his bank accounts. However, it is true that (AfriForum) will now legally go for his bank account by suing him for defamation”

Lesufi ‘mentally unstable’

Afriforum has not only vehemently denied the claim, but also questioned Lesufi’s mental faculties.

“Him making that claim could only be one of two things – either he’s lying and knows it or he actually believes what he’s saying and I don’t know which is worse…”, Afriforum’s Ernst Roets said in a television interview.

“If he is to believe these kind of statements, it’s an indication of some form of mental illness, to hallucinate to such an extent. Doesn’t matter which of the two it is, it still indicates that he’s not fit and proper to be the MEC”

‘This one will also fail’

Lesufi has hit back on Twitter, vowing to fight the suit.

“My sin was to speak against (Orania) like other previous attempts, this one will also fail. I hate racism with a passion but I am addicted to non racialism”

The MEC and the lobby group have long been at odds, mainly because of decisions Lesufi has taken in his department – which have not all been well received by Afriforum.

Afriforum has long called for Lesufi to be removed from his position, citing mismanagement and accuses him of unfairly targeting schools where Afrikaans is the main language of instruction.