Afrikaner Afrikaans University Panyaza Lesufi

Image via: @somadodafikeni / Twitter

Lesufi opposes Afrikaner university in Gauteng: ‘Non-racialism is the future’

Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi says no Afrikaner University will exclude South Africans on the basis of language or race.

Afrikaner Afrikaans University Panyaza Lesufi

Image via: @somadodafikeni / Twitter

Gauteng MEC for Education Panyaza Lesufi has openly come out saying that a solely Afrikaner University would not be tolerated. 

This comes after community development activist Somadoda Fikeni posted images of an Afrikaner university that is in the process of being built in Centurion, Gauteng.

In response to the post, Lesufi launched off saying “non-racialism is the future”. He didn’t stop there though. 


Fikeni, who posted several images of the unfinished campus, said the Afrikaner union, Solidarity, promised to build and start an Afrikaner University and alternative Afrikaans schooling system. 

“Here is the university rising in centurion near Waterkloof. Love or hate Afrikaners, they are decisive they don’t sit in endless workshops, boere maak ‘n plan,” he said. 

Lesufi then retweeted his post adding a caption of his own: 

“Non-racialism is the future and there will be no institution in this country that will exclude fellow South Africans on the basis of language or race. It’s a fight that is far from over.” 

According to Rekord Centurion, the project at the time was set to cost about R300 million funded through donations from the community. It also said the campus is expected to open its doors in 2021. 


Lesufi, in other news, is looking to establish a Racism Advisory Council. Comprising of six members, well versed in anti-racism and apartheid issues and more. The council is there to investigate the nature and extent of racism in Gauteng schools and recommend interventions in order to combat it. 

The FF Plus is hell-bent on stopping the formation of this council. FF Plus national chairperson in Gauteng Anton Alberts said there is no mention of black-on-white racism.

“It is, thus, abundantly clear that the council will be established in order to investigate white teachers and learners in a biased manner without any consideration of reversed racism and discrimination,” he said. 

“The FF Plus considers the creation of the council as unconstitutional because it is one-sided and will arbitrarily discriminate against white teachers and learners. The party will lodge a formal complaint with the human rights commission (HRC),” he added. 

Alberts said the planned frame of reference of the proposed council puts forward, among other things, examples of where black learners are excluded from schools and where language and religion are used as basis for exclusion as rationale for the creation of the council.

“This in itself serves as proof that the proposed council will be used to collect so-called data to target non-English schools and force them to change their language policy based on incidents of alleged racism,” he said. 

“In essence, the examples provided are actually ANC-code aimed for hurting Afrikaans schools and forcing all schools to become multilingual, which will eventually result in all schools becoming predominantly English. Thus, the FF Plus views this council as no more than a weapon that will be used to speed up the destruction of Afrikaans and all other non-English schools,” he added.