lerato sengadi

Instagram / Lerato Sengadi

Lerato Sengadi files court papers to halt HHP funeral

We were not expecting this from Lerato Sengadi. Let’s find out why she is fighting back.

lerato sengadi

Instagram / Lerato Sengadi

Lerato Sengadi, the romantic partner and PR manager of the late Hip-Hop pioneer, HHP, has filed court papers to stop the Tsambo family from carrying out the musician’s funeral proceedings.

Lerato Sengadi and the Tsambo family: A brief history

The foul relationship between Sengadi and HHP’s father was brushed aside in respect of the memorial proceedings that took place earlier this week at the old Baseline in Newtown, Johannesburg.

However, at the conclusion of her speech, Sengadi hinted that at the fact that there was most definitely something to look at between her and the Tsambo family when she said

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“There will still be so much said, so much done but I will take those lashings with grace and the integrity of the warrior queen you chose to share the throne with”.

It came to be reported by Emmanuel Tjiya on the Sowetan that there were scuffles that occurred between Sengadi and the Tsambo family.

The family, speaking through spokesperson, Nkululeko Ncana, stated on record that

“Ms Sengadi is not, and was never married to Jabulani. She is not his wife! Ms Sengadi is Jabu’s ex-fiancée and moved out of his home and his life on her own accord last year. She and her mother were requested to desist from spreading this falsehood.

“As things stand, the Tsambo family reserves its rights should Ms Sengadi continue to peddle these falsehoods.”

It was alleged in the article that the family had turned Sengadi and her mother away after she went to the Tsambo home trying to allegedly retrieve HHP’s policy documents, bank cards, wallet and cellphone.

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Sengadi seeks protection under the laws of customary marriage


The complication in all of this was that Sengadi and HHP had made plans to get married, with the deceased going as far as initiating lobola negotiations with the Sengadi family.

According to reports, the lobola processes never made it past the negotiation stage since Sengadi had allegedly broke things off with the musician for allegedly cheating on her.

This was further corroborated by HHP’s Instagram post, where he addressed the matter.

“Before you hear it from people, me and my beautiful Motho whom I love so much will not be continuing with our marriage,”

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The two seemingly rekindled their romance and at the time HHP passed away, he and Sengadi were, as far as we know, still a couple.

He, on various occasions, had referred to her publicly as his wife. No official wedding ever took place with an ordained priest. However, Sengadi has approached the court to stop the funeral proceeding using her powers as a customary wife.

According to SA History, for a woman to be deemed as a customary wife, it has to be understood that

“A customary marriage is not only concluded between 2 individuals, but also extends to their respective families. Unlike civil marriages, customary unions occur gradually and are not concluded by single event such as a ceremonial signing of an official document.

” Thus, a marriage in terms of customary law is a familial matter which does not require the approval of an officiator in order to be regarded as valid.”

As it appears, when one considers the influence Sengadi has had on HHP’s success as well as the fact that there had, at some point, entered into the traditional lobola negotiations, she may have a leg to stand on.