A police officer firearm in holster. Image by Pexels/Kindel Media

Law enforcement “out in full force” this Christmas weekend

Transport Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga says that law enforcement officials will be out in full force over the long weekend.


A police officer firearm in holster. Image by Pexels/Kindel Media

Expect an increase in law enforcement officials on the roads for the festive weekend. As published by The South African Government News Agency, Transport Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga stated that a high number of personnel and technologies have been deployed across the country to keep the roads safe. This is good news for South Africans as the festive weekend tends to bring an increase in drunk and reckless drivers to the roads.

The Minister stated that “Heightened operations are to be undertaken from Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday”. A high volume of law enforcement will also be seen in high-risk areas that are prone to accidents.

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The law enforcement officials keeping the roads safe this Christmas

According to the Minister, a large number of law enforcement officials will be conducting road safety operations. Along with the South African Police Service (SAPS), provincial and municipal traffic departments, the Road Traffic Management Corporation, the Road Traffic Infringement Agency, and the Cross-Border Road Traffic Agency will be working together to keep South Africans safe. These officials will monitor high-risk areas, keep borders safe and tackle signs of corruption.

Drivers with no licence plates are warned

The Minister has stated that officials will be on the lookout for drivers with no licence plates. Some drivers tend to remove their plates to avoid traffic fines while they drive over the speed limit. Not only is this breaking the law, but it puts lives at risk, especially on roads with a high volume of traffic. Drivers with no licence plates can find themselves being fined and having their car impounded.

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High-risk areas that are being monitored

Borders of South Africa will be monitored until early next week due to the increase in traffic to these areas. Some of these areas include Beitbridge, Lebombo, Ficksburg, Free State and Golela. Law officials will be on the lookout for drunk drivers, those who break the speed limit, and signs of corruption and bribery.

Road safety a priority in South Africa

The increase in law enforcement is needed during the festive season as many South Africans are travelling to spend time with loved ones. Fatalities on the road have thankfully decreased over the festive period according to the Road Traffic Management Corporation. Their State of Road Safety Report for 2022/2023 showed that fatal crashes during the 2021/22 to 2022/23 period decreased by 7% and fatalities during this time decreased by 14%.

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