Mmusi Maimane Zuma arrest

Photo: Liberal International / Flickr

‘Arrest Zuma’: Old foe Mmusi Maimane slams ANC for ‘weak leadership’

The arrest of Jacob Zuma may be imminent: But his former sparring partner in Parliament, Mmusi Maimane, is also upset with the current ANC leadership.

Mmusi Maimane Zuma arrest

Photo: Liberal International / Flickr

Jacob Zuma is flirting with a very dangerous future, after he confirmed there’d be no appearance at the State Capture Inquiry on Monday, despite being told by the Constitutional Court to show up on Monday 15 February. This act of defiance can now lead to the former president’s arrest – although Mmusi Maimane says the blame doesn’t lie solely with JZ.

Mmusi Maimane lays into his old foe

According to the OneSA Movement leader, there has been a failure of leadership within the highest structures of the ANC. An alleged failure to take a firm stance on this matter has riled Maimane, who also took a thinly veiled dig at Cyril Ramaphosa.

“What is the constitutional crisis? Mr. Zuma is defying the law and ConCourt. This a political crisis of the ANC making! Can someone balance me here – what would be the ‘constitutional crisis’, if a country were to arrest a citizen who wants to break the law they once vowed to defend? Or is it a political crisis that the current leadership is refusing to account for?”

Mmusi Maimane challenges the ANC stance on Jacob Zuma

Ramaphosa stance on Jacob Zuma questioned by critics

As Maimane stated, there should be no ‘constitutional conflict’ when a citizen of the republic has committed a crime – regardless of their status. Fingers are now being pointed hurriedly in Ramaphosa’s direction, after he infamously stated last week that Jacob Zuma ‘should be given more time and space’ to come to a decision on his own conduct.

For many, the ‘softly, softly’ approach has fallen dramatically short. Dean Macpherson is the Shadow Trade Minister. He was one of the first to react to Zuma’s defiance, by highlighting the ‘enabling’ role played by Cyril earlier this month: