Julius Malema sassa 10 KIDS

Photo: EFF / Twitter

‘Have 10 kids, the state will fund them’ – Malema urges families to lean on SASSA

It’s fair to say that Julius Malema has a very different economic strategy to other political leaders – one which relies heavily on SASSA.

Julius Malema sassa 10 KIDS

Photo: EFF / Twitter

Who else but Julius Malema? During a campaign rally in Emalahleni, the self-appointed CIC was ruffling feathers left, right, and centre – not least because he encouraged families to let SASSA fund their children.

‘Have decuplets if you want’ – Julius Malema turning heads again

Juju, in typically combative spirits, said that the current generation of parents was lazy because they ‘only have three or four children at most’. Mr. Malema, who has three children himself, said that the modern crop of moms and dads were not pulling their weight in the same way their grandfathers and grandmothers have done.

At that point, he started endorsing decuplets: The EFF leader said citizens should consider having ‘as many as 10 children’, because the state is obliged to support them. He also promised crowds that their kids would grow up with free education and food parcels – if the Red Berets were elected to lead South Africa.

EFF leader says parents ‘should rely on SASSA to fund kids’

Julius Malema, without a hint of irony, also told the crowd that there was ‘too much money’ in South Africa, and no one should feel bad about raiding SASSA for child support payments. It’s a different way to view things, we’ll give him that.

“The grandfathers and grandmothers will tell you they had as many as nine to 10 children per couple without SASSA. You who have SASSA are boring because you are lazy to reproduce, you have three or four children at most.”

“The EFF is going to give them free education from Grade 1 to Grade 12. We are going to give them free food, and when they pass matric properly, [our government] is going to give them free university education.”

“Do not be scared to reproduce like our grandparents – there is money, we will look after those children. You must not listen to the urban middle class telling you you cannot have children if you are poor. There is too much money in this country. Just last year they blew R500bn in six months so no-one must ask where the money will come from.” 

Julius Malema