Photo: Yusuf Abramjee / Twitter

Watch: Huge traffic jam on N1 Johannesburg, as truck bursts into flames

Motorists have been told to avoid the Allandale region of the N1 in Johannesburg on Wednesday, after a huge truck fire caused a traffic nightmare.


Photo: Yusuf Abramjee / Twitter

There were scenes of utter carnage on both carriageways of the N1 in Johannesburg on Wednesday, when a truck overturned and sparked an inferno earlier this afternoon. The tragic incident has forced emergency crews into a rapid response, but there are some serious fears for the driver of the lorry that erupted into flames.

N1 Johannesburg traffic latest: Both North and South highways affected

Preliminary data has revealed that the truck was carrying two trailers, before it ploughed into oncoming traffic. We are yet to establish if any deaths have been reported, but several injuries have already been registered with the first responders.

  • We understand a large truck went over the central reservation before bursting into flames
  • Unverified reports also state that a taxi was involved in a collision with the HGV.
  • Both carriageways of the N1 are badly affected, with traffic at a standstill in Allandale.
  • Motorists have been advised to stay away from this region of Johannesburg.

Watch: Truck bursts into flames on N1 Johannesburg

Truck fire sparks major hold-ups

On Tuesday, we saw a fire engulf a chemical plant in New Germany, KZN, causing a traffic nightmare on the outskirts of Durban. A similar event has taken place in Johannesburg, and cars remain gridlocked near the junctions for Allandale.

Alternative routes to this stretch of the N1 are also now filling-up, as drivers look for a way around this devastating incident. Police remain on the scene and they have ruled out ‘criminal activity’ during the early stages of their probe.