Good news

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Good news round-up: Five stories that made us smile this week

From a real-life Lassie rescue, to the three-year-old set for life-saving surgery – we’ve had our fair share of good news this week!

Good news

Photo: Unsplash

There’s enough doom and gloom out there already, so why not give yourself a break heading into the weekend, and take in some of the ‘good news’ stories that made headlines over the past few days? Honestly, it’s good for the soul…

The good news round-up for Friday 7 January:

‘Final push’ for three-year-old’s lifesaving surgery fundraiser

A fundraiser for a young girl with a complex congenital heart defect is now entering its final strait. The campaign to raise R5 million for Kyleigh Kista’s life-saving surgery has been going strong for the past month, and with a deadline of March 2022 looming, it looks like the tenacious tot has a fighting chance.

Kyleigh and her parents were told the there was ‘nothing more’ doctors could do for the three-year-old last November, when further complications arose from the gaping hole in her heart. However, a desperate appeal to the Boston Children’s Hospital in the USA offered the family some hope.

Their top medics are able to perform a procedure that would ultimately reconstruct her blood vessels, to allow blood to flow from her heart to her lungs freely. The family has raised R4.35 million in the last four weeks, and they need a further R650 000 to reach their goal.

GOOD NEWS: You can read more about Kyleigh Kista and her fight for survival here.

Baby delivered on Camps Bay beach

A healthy baby girl was successfully delivered at Camps Bay beach in Cape Town last weekend. A young mother went into labour unexpectedly – and the City’s emergency staff and volunteers were on hand to assist.

At approximately 11:15 on 2 January, an Identikidz staff member was asked to help a young woman who had gone into labour. Volunteers –  Marylin Afrika, Rahdee Salie, Judith Henn and Aaliyah Anthony – responded and saw that the mother was already quite far along, as the beach baby’s head was already crowning.

City of Cape Town MayCo Member for Safety and Security, JP Smith, said the surprise birth provided a little extra festive cheer, and he lavished praise on the civilians who stepped in to help bring new life into the world

GOOD NEWS: You can read more about the Cape Town beach baby here.

No need to fear the ‘not-so-new variant’

Scientific experts – including our very own Tulio de Oliveira – have torn the so-called ‘COVID fearmongers’ to shreads this week, after the emergence of a new virus mutation was logged in France.

Plenty of COVID-alarmists were trying to market this as a ‘variant from hell’ – but the hysteria is not backed up by the science.

No samples of B.1.640.2 have been collected this part of the world for the past month. Furthermore, the variant itself PRE-DATES Omicron, so the idea of it resurfacing at this point – when Omicron is dominant – lacks a logical basis. There really is no need to panic.

Good news, good girl! Real-life ‘Lassie’ to the rescue

A dog in New Hampshire was being hailed as a real-life “Lassie” on Tuesday 4 December after leading police to the scene of a serious car crash that left her owner injured and suffering from hypothermia.

The one-year-old dog, a breed known as a Shiloh Shepherd called Tinsley, ran down a highway on the New Hampshire border with Vermont late on Monday, prompting motorists to alert the highway patrol. 

When police officers spotted the dog and tried to catch it, she kept running and led them into Vermont, where the officers spotted a gap in the guard rail and discovered a badly damaged pickup truck that had rolled over.

Edgemead community helps local ice cream vendor

Residents in one of the Northern suburbs of Cape Town, Edgemead, have come together to support an elderly ice cream vendor in their community. When William Lebesana’s bicycle stopped working, he had to walk around the neighbourhood carrying a large cooler box to sell his frozen treats.

The community stepped in as Lebesana’s bell has become a familiar sound over the years. Neighbours and residents have since managed to raise a substantial amount of cash for the vendor, which will reportedly help him with his ice cream supplies for the next several months while South Africans are enjoying summer time.

But wait, there’s more! Ice cream supplier, Gatti, bought Lebesana a brand new bicycle that was purchased from bike specialists Swift Cycles in Johannesburg. Edgemead really did ensure their local favourite got his… just desserts.