Havaiana Motshekga School

Photo: Eduardo Ruiz / Flickr

‘More flip-flops than a Havaiana factory’: Motshekga’s school plans slammed

Politicial opponents – both red and blue – have expressed their anger over Angie Motshekga’s back to school plans and Sunday’s communication disaster.

Havaiana Motshekga School

Photo: Eduardo Ruiz / Flickr

Angie Motshekga has been given both barrels by her cross-party opponents on Monday, as both the leaders of the DA and the EFF tore into the basic education minister for her bungled ‘back to school’ plans.

Late on Sunday evening – and following a day mired in confusion and speculation – the Education Department confirmed that their planned return date for children to attend school (Monday 1 June) would be pushed back a week, meaning Grade 7 and Grade 12 students won’t be back in class until Monday 8 June.

Angie Motshekga blasted for ‘flip-flop’ decisions

The chaotic process to update the nation has irked parents, teachers, and students alike. You can now add politicians to that list, though: John Steenhuisen has been at it on Twitter this morning and compared Motshekga’s policy approach to a popular flip-flop brand. He’s still got that acid tongue, hasn’t he?

“In a time of crisis, you need clear, unambiguous and firm communication. Instead, we have seen more flip-flops than a Haviana factory. Flip-flop on tobacco, flip-flop on e-commerce, flip-flop on schools opening. Welcome to the ANC- African National Confusion!”

John Steenhuisen

Reopening schools this month is ‘homicidal’ – EFF

Not to be outdone, the EFF ramped up the rhetoric against Motshekga and the Education Department, calling their back to school schedule ‘homicidal’. They also claim the government are using children as ‘guinea pigs’ to test the potency of coronavirus in public places. If you’re looking for minced words, you won’t find them here.

“The last-minute postponement reveals a government that is not in touch with the Basic Education sector. Angie Motshekga and her department are fostering confusion in South Africa, and shown that they lack the capacity to lead the ministry… They must stop using our children as guinea pigs during this crisis.”

“There is nothing that suggests the government will be in a better position to reopen schools on Monday 8 June. All parents and teachers must resist the homicidal plans for children to return on this date. Both Ramaphosa and Motshekga are at the forefront of a cowardly campaign to test the intensity of COVID-19.”

EFF statement
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