Lashana Lynch is embracing the

Lashana Lynch. Image via Twitter @jayhouse1997

Lashana Lynch is embracing the online trolls and critics

‘No Time To Die’ star – Lashana Lynch the first female 007 – has hit back at the hate she has received online.

Lashana Lynch is embracing the

Lashana Lynch. Image via Twitter @jayhouse1997

Lashana Lynch thinks online criticism suggests she’s “probably doing something right.”

The 33-year-old actress – who plays the first female 007 in No Time to Die – has hit back at her online critics, and revealed she actually views their negativity as a sign of her impact.

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Reflecting on the criticism she’s received during her career, Lynch said:

“I know that if I get stick for something or if someone doesn’t like what I’m doing, or they find me too frank or overbearing then I’m probably doing something right – or radical. In the case of Bond, I’m doing both.”

The actress thinks it’s important to be able to ignore online trolling.


Speaking to The Independent, she explained:

“The less we pay attention to [the trolls], the more we can actually get things done. And you don’t have to ask me again. You know, you can ask another amazing question that makes you feel good and makes me feel good.”

Lynch believes black actors and actresses are often left to live on “scraps” within the entertainment industry.

And the London-born star thinks movie studios and theatres should face more pressure to ensure black performers are given the opportunities they deserve.

“The world is so used to giving black people the scraps. Saying congratulations, you’ve got your one and now we can move on,” she said.

“Most studios I’ve met with, most theatres I’ve sat in and worked in, have had their one black play, their one black film or their one black lead and they feel really happy with themselves. And they shouldn’t and we should tell them they shouldn’t. Change won’t be made with just one a year.”

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