land expropriation

Farm Land – File Photos

Land expropriation: Aussie news host suggests sporting ban for SA

The Aussies are hitting new heights of hysteria over land expropriation

land expropriation

Farm Land – File Photos

We get it. Land expropriation is something that will require radical change, and at this early stage, people are eager to find out exactly what’s going to happen.

We’re ushering in an era that requires rational debate, and balance from both supporters and opponents of the proposal. As reported by the Huffington Post, however, Australia hasn’t got that memo yet.

Fast-track visas for white South African farmers

Since Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton hastily revealed his intention to discuss giving white South African farmers fast-track visas, the media Down Under have been gleefully revelling in the prospect.

Dutton claimed that South African farmers needed help from a “civilised country” – Because you know, civilised countries do their business by belittling their Commonwealth allies – to put a stop to any plans that would redistribute land.

What Australians are saying about land expropriation

The debate has rattled on for almost a week now. We’ve had a lot of interesting takes, ranging from bemusement to outright hysteria. We can safely say the latter applies to Sky News Australia host, Paul Murray, after comments he made this weekend.

He entertained the idea that South Africa could eventually find themselves banned from international sports, because of land expropriation. He likened the move to being like apartheid, so he reasoned any punishment must reflect that.

“I do think it’s a little bit weird that no one is having a conversation about punishing South Africa through sport as we did quite correctly for apartheid when they have passed laws in their parliament to forcibly remove the land of whites.”

“The politicians are saying reconciliation is over. Little things built towards apartheid. We must stand against race-based laws for both black and white people.”

Their excuses are getting worse…

The international sporting community ostracised South Africa from the 1960s right up to the end of the apartheid regime. They were banned from competing in Olympic Games, rugby, cricket and soccer against other nations.

Paul Murray, who received a good degree of support for his comments by the panel, is now suggesting land expropriation – which is yet to be ratified, finalised, implemented, or even enter the first round of discussions – is just as bad as the long rule of apartheid.

We’re not sure what they are more afraid of: ANC policy, or just another match where they can’t get past the Springboks on home turf.