Prison SEX VIDEO ncome

Photo: Twitter

KZN prison sex video: Wardens fired, inmate given harsh punishment

A warden and an inmate caught ‘having it off’ in a leaked prison sex video have been shown no mercy by a disciplinary panel in Ncome, KZN.

Prison SEX VIDEO ncome

Photo: Twitter

Three people at the centre of a leaked ‘prison sex video’ were hit by the consequences of their actions this week, after two wardens and an inmate were processed by an unforgiving disciplinary panel at the Ncome Correctional Facility in KZN.

KZN prison sex video: Three people punished for Ncome romp

Officials presiding over the Ncome case have decided to take the strongest possible punitive actions against the woman on duty – and one of her colleagues. The prisoner, meanwhile, will no longer enjoy such a cushy existence behind bars…

  • – THE INMATE: He’s been transferred to ‘maximum security’, lost his privileges – and has been moved to another facility.
  • – THE WARDEN: She has been fired after a disciplinary hearing.
  • THE COLLEAGUE: A co-worker, who allowed an office to be used for sexual activity, has also been dismissed.

Ncome officials shown ‘no mercy’

The video sent shockwaves across South Africa – and then around the world. The explicit clip spread like wildfire on social media, and was even uploaded to a number of international porn websites. The Department of Correctional Services vowed to take action against the raunchy couple, and it seems they’ve been true to their world.

DSC take ‘firm stance’ over prison sex video fiasco

In an official statement, the ministry said they showed all parties ‘no mercy’, and came down hard on the two officers involved – saying that they ‘fell short’ of the high standards required from their roles:

“The inmate involved was not spared any mercy as he has been reclassified into ‘Maximum’ category. The code of conduct is explicit and those found to have breached it will face the consequences. DCS will not hesitate to act against any form of transgressions. Ideal correctional officials must be exemplary not only to inmates, but to the broader general society.”