Khutso Theledi bio

Khutso Theledi Images via Instagram @khutsotheledi

Khutso Theledi: From humble beginnings to radio royalty

Discover the captivating journey of Khutso Theledi, a dynamic media personality known for her vibrant presence in radio and television.

Khutso Theledi bio

Khutso Theledi Images via Instagram @khutsotheledi

Khutso Theledi is a talented radio presenter, DJ, MC, and motivational speaker, known for her engaging voice and vibrant personality. She has become a well-known figure in South Africa’s entertainment scene, showcasing a wide range of skills and natural talent.

Starting with voice-overs at Boston Media House, Khutso made a memorable impact. She gained fame hosting the morning show Flava In The Morning, becoming a familiar name across homes. Beyond radio, she’s made a mark as the face of Kasi Car Culture & Celeb Rides, earning the nickname “spinning lady” for her exceptional DJ performances. Coming from Mpumalanga, her enthusiasm and dedication to her work have made her a cherished icon in the entertainment world.


Full Name Khutso Theledi
Gender Female
Date of birthUnknown
Place of birth Mpumalanga, South Africa
Nationality South African
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Black
Sexual orientation Straight
Relationship status Dating
Partner Unknown
Occupation DJ, Media Personality
Social media accountsInstagram


Khutso Theledi’s exact age remains undisclosed to the public, making it challenging to pinpoint her birthday. Despite this mystery, her life story unveils a journey shaped by resilience and passion. Hailing from Mpumalanga, as per Briefly, she was nurtured by her single mother following the loss of her father at a tender age. Despite early challenges, Theledi’s school years were marked by participation in debates and public speaking, igniting a spark that would shape her future. Enduring bullying over her dental condition, her confidence blossomed with the support of her mother’s decision to invest in braces. An affinity for cereals and an early love for storytelling hinted at her future in the media. With her distinctive voice, she found her calling in radio presenting, overcoming teasing to embrace its uniqueness.

With the encouragement and guidance of her mother, she followed her passion and decided to enroll at Boston Media House to study radio and sound engineering. This decision came before she had finished her coursework at Monash University.


During her formative years as a student, Khutso Theledi embarked on her professional journey, securing her initial foray into the world of media with a role in voice-over work for Boston Media House. According to Cityceleb, her innate talent quickly garnered attention. Hence, leading YFM to take notice and extend an offer for her to showcase her abilities on their coveted breakfast show.

In the year 2012, Khutso Theledi’s illustrious radio career commenced in earnest at YFM, where she co-piloted the immensely popular Flava In The Morning programme alongside her remarkably talented colleagues. While basking in the limelight of this success, she later transitioned to co-host The Raw Rush. A drive-time spectacle aired on The Freeway, collaborating with the esteemed Thulisa Kanzi.

However, beyond her initial triumphs, Khutso Theledi’s magnetic charm and articulate demeanor have propelled her towards additional radio endeavours. Including hosting stints on Krunch Time and the R&B Hot 9 9 Charts. Wherein she has consistently showcased her remarkable presenting prowess. Her burgeoning achievements stand as a testament to her innate talent and relentless drive. Solidifying her status as a rising star within the industry.


Khutso Theledi’s romantic life has sparked interest among her fans. Who have discovered that she is currently in a relationship with a charming young man. However, she has chosen to keep her boyfriend’s identity a secret, leaving her followers curious about who he might be.

Despite keeping her partner’s identity private, Khutso Theledi regularly shares adorable and heartwarming photos of them together on her Instagram account. as per Mzansiprofiles, these snapshots capture moments of them enjoying romantic dinners or simply spending time together. Portraying a picture of a happy and content couple. While her boyfriend’s name remains unknown, the love and affection between them are undeniable.


Khutso Theledi is active on Instagram. Besides her captivating voice, her unique fashion sense sets her apart. She flaunts an array of outfits ranging from elegant gowns to casual t-shirts, stylish blouses, and swimwear, always exuding charm and elegance. Additionally, her verified Instagram account boasts over 260K followers.