Karima Brown

Image credit: YouTube screenshot

Karima Brown takes EFF to court after receiving death threats

Karima Brown says this is bigger than her personal vendetta against the EFF.

Karima Brown

Image credit: YouTube screenshot

Veteran journalist and eNCA talk show host, Karima Brown, has taken the Economic Freedom Fighters to court (EFF) in what she terms as a bold statement made against a party that has a long history of bullying.

As reported by the Citizen, Brown is looking to have the courts pass a judgment that will compel the EFF to issue a public apology directed at her.

Karima Brown court application against EFF

She also wants the party to pay a sum of R100 000 in damages for the trauma she suffered after EFF leader, Julius Malema published her personal cell number on his Twitter page that has 2.4-million followers.

Brown has alleged that after Malema brandished her number, she received threatening messages from people who vowed to have her raped and killed.

Malema had stated his motivation for posting Brown’s number.

He accused her of attempting to send her moles to an EFF campaign meeting that was held in Ekurhuleni.

However, according to the EFF leader, Brown sabotaged her own mission when she mistakenly sent the brief of the meeting to the EFF WhatsApp group and not to its intended recipient — eNCA.

“I’m standing up against a fascist EFF” – Brown

Brown has neither confirmed nor denied these motivations. For the talk show host, holding the EFF to account is not a personal objective but one that has bearings on the future of South Africa’s political landscape.

“What I want is for a court to record that I, Karima Brown, stood up against the fascism and bullying from the Economic Freedom Fighters,” she said.

In her court application to the Johannesburg High Court, she implored the judges to arrive at a ruling before the elections, citing that she has a case to prove that the red berets were in breach of the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa’s (IEC) electoral code.

Should the court rule in her favour, this would imply that the EFF had, indeed, breached the IEC’s code of conduct, a potential risk that could see the party restricted from participating in the upcoming general elections.