Ajay Gupta is confronted by Justin van Pletzen

Gupta video: DIRCO confirms SA businessman’s arrest in Dubai

It has now been confirmed by the Department of International Relations and Cooperation, that Justin van Pletzen has indeed been detained in Dubai.


Ajay Gupta is confronted by Justin van Pletzen

The Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO), has revealed that South African businessman, Justin van Pletzen has been arrested in Dubai for filming controversial mogul and fugitive, Ajay Gupta.

News24 reports that DIRCO received confirmation from the South African Consulate General in Dubai that van Pletzen was indeed detained, after the video, which caught the attention of authorities, including the Hawks who are reportedly planning to use the footage to bring Gupta to justice.

“It is alleged that Mr Van Pletzen’s arrest is linked to a video he recently circulated about Mr Ajay Gupta, whom he met in Dubai. However, this is yet to be confirmed by the local authorities,” spokesperson Ndivhuwo Mabaya was quoted by the publication.

“Consular staff from the mission in Dubai did visit Mr Van Pletzen and DIRCO will maintain contact with Mr Van Pletzen and his family to render consular services.”

The video published last week features van Pletzen, who can be seen approaching Gupta and telling him that “the country’s looking for you.”

The two shake hands, followed by Gupta responding by saying he will return to the country “when I get a reply”.

Why is Ajay on the run?

Gupta was declared a fugitive from justice, following a raid by the Hawks in his family compound in the suburb of Saxonworld in Johannesburg.

This was originally believed to be in connection with mismanaged funds, originally allocated to the Estina Dairy Project in the Free State, which were alleged to have instead found their way into the Gupta brothers’ personal accounts, as well as other officials in the provincial government.

The Hawks denied that this was the reason why Ajay is a wanted man, and have instead opted to keep mum about the real reasons.

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