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Justice for Gqeberha granny who was murdered six years ago

Four men who murdered a granny in August 2015 was sentenced in the Gqeberha High Court on Wednesday. She was strangled in her flat.


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Nearly six years after 78-year-old granny Denise Webber was murdered in her flat, the men responsible for her death will finally pay for their crimes.

Webber, who lived in a granny flat, was murdered on 20 August 2015.


On the morning of the murder, the 37-year-old domestic worker was reportedly overpowered by three men and her hands bound in the main house.

Police spokesperson Colonel Priscilla Naidu said various items were stolen from the house.

“Denise Webber, who lived in the granny flat on the premises was strangled to death. Both, the main house and the flat were ransacked and household items and jewellery were taken.”

One of the accused, Fikile Mengo, 25, worked as an assistant to the domestic worker who was pregnant at the time. After the murder and robbery, the men went on the run.


But in a twist of fate, the granny of one of the accused handed her grandson over to police at Kabega Park Police station on 28 August 2015.

“The remaining three accused, Mkhuseli Ngqanda,34, Sinethemba Nenembe,33, and Thanduxolo Vumazonke,29, were arrested days later. They all remained in custody until the finalisation of the case,” said Naidu.

Most of the stolen property were recovered from the homes of the accused in New Brighton and Kwazakele. 


On Wednesday, 28 April, the four accused were sentenced in the Gqeberha High court.

Fikile Mengo was sentenced to an effective 25 years for murder and aggravated robbery; Mkuseli Ngqanda received life in prison for murder and15 years for aggravated robbery.

Thanduxolo Vumazonke was sentenced to 25 years in prison for murder and aggravated robbery while Sinethemba Nenembe received a life sentence for murder and 15 years for aggravated robbery.

Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Liziwe Ntshinga, welcomed the sentencing of the four accused and stated that justice has been served.

“Although this case has taken almost six years to finalise, the families can now find closure knowing that justice was meted out to those who had mercilessly murdered their elderly mother and grandmother. Their heinous deeds were intentional and we  commend the prosecuting authority for ensuring that they are removed from society for a very long time.”

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