Julius Malema France

Photo: EFF / Twitter

‘Stay out of it!’ – Here’s why Julius Malema has picked a fight with FRANCE

Sacré bleu! Julius Malema has vented his frustrations towards France during the EFF press conference on Thursday, sounding a warning to the EU nation.

Julius Malema France

Photo: EFF / Twitter

We know what these EFF press conferences are like: Julius Malema gives a statement, he answers questions, he calls Cyril Ramaphosa and Pravin Gordhan all the names under the sun, and then the EFF leader always signs off with a controversial quote or two. However, Thursday marks the first time that Juju has brought up his beef with France.

Julius Malema vs France – what is happening?

Malema spoke about the chaos witnessed at the Pan African Parliament (PAP) last week. The meeting drew criticism, after physical altercations and persistent disruptions stalled proceedings in Midrand. The 40-year-old has defended those scenes, however, arguing that robust debate is needed when tackling serious issues.

However, he wasn’t so forgiving when it came to assessing WHY things got so violent. He blamed a cohort of countries, allegedly under the influence of France, for trying to block the rotation of leaders in the house. Julius Malema states that the French are interfering with the process, in order to ensure they keep their choice of candidates in power.

EFF leader issues warning for French leader

Malema says these attempts go all the way to the top, and heaped a large proportion of the blame on French President Emmanuel Macron – who was pencilled in to come and visit the chambers ahead of his state visit to South Africa. Juju, however, won’t be making the European leader feel welcome upon his arrival…

“PAP has not had any President from the Northern or Southern regions. The East, West, and Central regions, dominated by Francophone countries, have historically used their numerical strength to block the practice of rotation. Over the years, France has manipulated these numbers to impose a candidate of their choice.”

“But thanks to all progressive members of the PAP, France plot was defeated. We call on France to stay out of African affairs, in particular the Pan-African Parliament. We further make a call to all African youths in francophone countries to fight the France agenda – which is to keep Africa and its leadership chained to imperialist interests.”