Malema unpacks his wallet

Image via: @Julius_S_Malema / Gallo

Watch: Malema unpacks wallet for journalist; no sign of ‘dodgy’ credit card

In a very rare sighting, especially from a politician, EFF leader Julius Malema has willingly unpacked his wallet but some are not happy.

Malema unpacks his wallet

Image via: @Julius_S_Malema / Gallo

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema, has taken to Twitter posting a video of himself unpacking his wallet for a journalist; yes, his personal wallet with a full view of each one of his individual cards. 

The journalist, known as Matshidiso Madia, was allegedly looking for a “Mahuna” card. Madia took to Twitter saying: 

“Here is Julius Malema’s wallet. No Mahuna card here.”

This comes after journalists got the change to openly interrogate him on Thursday. Set up by the CIC himself, he wanted to prove his and the EFF’s innocence with regards to the scandalous VBS Bank saga. 

Malema was accused of profiting from the collapse of the bank after senior officials allegedly looted the reserves. On Thursday 25 June, he decided to put the record straight by inviting veteran journalists to put him on the spot in whichever way they saw fit. 


Unpacking his wallet, Malema took out each card clearly stipulating what it was for. 

“This is my firearm licence, my driver’s licence, my permit, Standard Bank, credit card Standard Bank and that’s it,” he said. 

Malema captioned the video saying: 

“Every slave that tried to take a stand against the slave master was publicly lynched for all slaves to see. The lesson was/is if you try to take a stand, you too should be lynched. I’m just a child of a deceased epileptic domestic worker and the colour of my skin makes me a suspect”. 

Certain social media users were not impressed though — not about what was in his wallet — but because a personal item of his was rummaged through like a dustbin.  

Twitter users said that interrogating Malema’s wallet was not part of journalism and that it was uncalled for. 

“I would never do what Julius Malema did today. It is nobody’s business what is in my wallet. Not under any circumstances. If anyone has a problem with anything I’m doing then they should report such to the authorities. He is a bigger man than I am,” said a Twitter user. 

“This occurs everywhere people do not prepare full-stop. Regardless of how I feel or think about Mr Malema to embarrass and humiliate someone publicly by going through his wallet is disgusting and wrong. If journalists were prepared it would not have happened. Unprofessional,” said another. 


During the briefing with select journalists on Thursday, Malema asked why members from the EFF had not been arrested if they had something to do with the VBS Bank scandal. 

Malema claimed he did not benefit one cent from VBS Bank. 

“They [NPA] want me with everything. No one can produce any evidence linking the EFF to VBS. There needs to be prima facie evidence which necessitates the commissioning of an auditor to probe any wrongdoing in the party. If there was a donation from VBS to the EFF, it would have been exposed by now.”

“I’ve never benefited any cent from VBS. Why are we not being arrested? Why are we not being charged? It is because those charges are not there. If these people had real evidence they would have come for me.”