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Julius Malema vows to take revenge against Jacques Pauw [video]

The gloves are off in the red corner. Julius Malema is seething with veteran journalist Jacuqes Pauw, after he posted personal details about Juju’s family.

julius malema @AdvBarryRoux

Twitter / Julius Malema

Investigative journalist Jacques Pauw is being accused of taking a step too far after “dishing the dirt” on Julius Malema. As you’d expect, the CIC hasn’t taken too kindly to details of his family’s home being publicly shared by The President’s Keepers author.

While discussing Malema’s relationship with the infamous Adriano Mazzotti – a well-known cigarette smuggler in South Africa – Pauw went on to describe the car Mrs Mantwa Malema drives, and also revealed their home address.

Juju’s ire against the media has somewhat multiplied in recent weeks. Pauw’s over-sharing saw Malema’s blood boil on Tuesday. On this occasion, you could argue the political firebrand has a point. Pauw’s “revelations” may have inadvertently put his family members in danger. The SA National Editors Forum (SANEF) condemned the leak:

Speaking at an impromptu media conference after Parliament gave the thumbs-up to land expropriation without compensation, Malema’s initial happiness was tempered by these personal issues. He issued a stark warning to Pauw, and said he’d go toe-to-toe with the veteran journalist:

“Anyone that wants to attack her [Mrs Malema] using me, is undermining the very women they claim to stand for. What worries me is that I have three little children in that house, that stay with her and anything could happen, it could get dangerous for them.”

“Just wait until I involve Pauw’s wife and children, then you will say I am threatening journalist. I won’t do that through a tweet. They have tweeted my wife’s car and now she can’t even take my child to pre-school. But if I do that to him, I will be called names.”

“I still have bodyguards, and now my wife says strange cars are parking outside the house. And then driving away. Nobody must come there. When it comes to my wife and kids, I shoot to kill.”

Julius Malema

The row looks set to intensify over the coming days. Malema, who began the briefing in a relaxed tone, also spoke about his party’s vision for land expropriation without compensation. 

He clarified that the EFF do not want to take any white citizens’ homes during non-compensatory expropriation, explaining that the red berets are only intent on seizing land that is not being fully utilised.

Watch Julius Malema get personal with Jacques Pauw here: