Pikitup strike fallout causes a dirty city in Johannesburg.

Waste left unattended at Randburg, Johannesburg. Image: X/@Helenzille

IN PICTURES: Rubbish piles as Johannesburg grapples with Pikitup strike fallout

The City of Johannesburg has unveiled recovery strategies after disruptions from a Pikitup temporary workers’ strike.

Pikitup strike fallout causes a dirty city in Johannesburg.

Waste left unattended at Randburg, Johannesburg. Image: X/@Helenzille

The City of Johannesburg convened a media briefing on Wednesday to unveil its recovery strategies in the aftermath of disruptions caused by a strike among Pikitup temporary workers.

Addressing the situation head-on, Pikitup disclosed that each depot would devise and execute a four-day recovery plan to tackle the waste collection backlog that has plagued certain parts of Johannesburg.

Pikitup implements proactive measures to accelerate City cleanup efforts

According to Pikitup, proactive measures are underway, with engagements initiated with contractors to procure additional vehicles aimed at expediting the city’s cleanup efforts.

Notably, Pikitup has secured a court interdict against striking workers who have hampered operations at various depots.

Last week’s downing of tools by temporary workers, demanding permanent employment following the utility’s decision not to renew their contracts, has precipitated a crisis, resulting in the accumulation of rubbish citywide.

Jacaranda reported, Anthony Selepe, spokesperson for Pikitup, clarified that permanent employees remain steadfast in their duties despite the disruptions caused by the protesting workers.

Selepe emphasised, “Our employees are continuing with their work, but they are disrupted by these disgruntled workers.”

Pikitup underscored its firm stance by implementing a no-work-pay principle for all striking workers.

Johannesburg waste management entity, Pikitup said only two out of the 12 depots are still in operation due to the continued strike action by casual workers.

Randburg Councillor updates community

In a bid to keep communities informed, Councillor Emi Koekemoer provided an update to the Randburg community, noting the persistence of the situation at the Pikitup Randburg facility.

Moreover, Koekemoer urged residents availing private waste services to adhere strictly to approved disposal sites to mitigate exacerbating the existing problem.

“If you offer private services, may I please remind you to dump only at approved garden and landfill sites otherwise we contribute to the problem,” Koekemoer said.

As Johannesburg navigates through this challenge, concerted efforts are underway to restore normalcy to waste management operations across the city.