Joel Pollak: A closer look at

Joel Pollak: A closer look at Trump’s potential US ambassador to SA

He’s got quite the resume, with ties to Helen Zille to boot.

Joel Pollak: A closer look at

Word in Washington is that South African born lawyer Joel Pollak, will be named the new US ambassador to South Africa. So who exactly is Joel Pollak and what connects him with both South Africa and The United States?

Currently, Pollak is Editor at Large of US right wing news site Breitbart. If you look at the people around Trump at the moment, a large chunk of them are former Breitbart employees.  Steve Bannon being a prime example. Bannon is now Assistant to The President and Chief Strategist in the Trump administration.  Many believe he is actually the one pulling the strings in government.

Pollak was born in Johannesburg to South African parents who had immigrated to the US. He then returned to SA to obtain a postgraduate degree at the University of Cape Town. Tony Leon (former head of the DA) hired Pollak to be his chief speechwriter, where he stayed on from 2002 to 2006.

Pollak then returned to America and ran an unsuccessful campaign, where he ran for Congress as a Republican. Joel Pollak still describes South Africa as his “native” country. He also refers to Western Cape Premier Helen Zille as a “family friend.”  Such a close family friend that when Pollak married in 2009, Zille let the couple use her official residence to host their wedding. If he is our new ambassador, will he be more Trump or more Tony Leon? Let’s wait and see.