JMPD officer goes above and be

JMPD officer goes above and beyond her call of duty

Tiffany Dewar has been watching JMPD officer, ‘Mama Dora’ helping children to cross the busy Old Pretoria Road to get to their school in Diepsloot every morning. Tiffany stopped and chatted to Mama Dora and discovered she does so much more than help with road crossing.

JMPD officer goes above and be

Dora not only assures the children get across the busy road safely, but she makes sandwiches every day to give to the children she helps. She says she does it because she loves her job.

Dora has taken the time to get to know which shacks the children live in so that she can keep an eye on them, and has even gone as far as to take some of the children to hospital, following personal emergencies.

Dora doesn’t demand any glory or attention for what she does – she does it out of love and a commitment to making sure some of the younger members of her community are looked out for.

Many of the children are inadequately dressed in cold weather and are in need of clothes, school shoes, and blankets. Tiffany Dewar has taken it upon herself to collect such items and is appealing to the public to help with this initiative.

Please contact Tiffany via Facebook, or drop off any donations you may have at Kyalami Equestrian Park. Alternatively, she will collect from you.