Jeremy Veary SAPS

Former Head of Detectives Jeremy Veary. Photo: SAPS

Jeremy Veary latest: ‘Detective head’s dismissal MUST NOT affect policing’

The sacking of Jeremy Veary on Friday last week has raised concerns over the SAPS management’s ability to fight crime efficiently.

Jeremy Veary SAPS

Former Head of Detectives Jeremy Veary. Photo: SAPS

Following the dismissal of former Western Cape SAPS detectives head, Jeremy Veary, the Democratic Alliance (DA) have called for the incident – understood to be the result of internal disputes within the SAPS – not to impact the agency’s ability to continue fighting crime efficiently in the province. 

“We call on the South African Police Services (SAPS) management to prevent the latest internal disciplinary development from stifling any crime fighting initiatives in the province,” they said in a statement on Tuesday 1 June. 

Jeremy Veary dismissed by SAPS 

National South African Police Service (SAPS) spokesperson Brigadier Vish Naidoo said in a statement on Monday that a sanction of dismissal had indeed been imposed on Veary, and was endorsed by the National Commissioner ,General Khehla John Sitole, on Friday 28 May.

“General Veary was subjected to a disciplinary process following social media posts he made of messages and images between late last year and, earlier this year and caused the same to be circulated via the social media network,” said Naidoo. 

He said that “some of the messages were directed at the National Commissioner and contained words that were considered derogatory, offensive, insulting and disrespectful” to Sithole, thus bringing the National Commissioner and the SAPS into disrepute.

“These actions were considered a misconduct in terms of the SAPS Disciplinary Regulations and therefore warranted a departmental action,” said Naidoo. 

Internal troubles ‘already leaving a mark’ 

The DA said on Tuesday that the internal troubles affecting the SAPS at the moment must not become pervasive to their efforts to fight crime. 

“We cannot allow any such internal disputes or SAPS management issues to further impact on the state of crime in the Western Cape,” said party spokesperson Reagen Allen.

Allen said that the latest quarterly crime statistics that show a 23% decline in Crime Detected as a Result of Police Action, “indicate that residents in the Western Cape may already be suffering under inaction from SAPS”. 

“This is especially troubling when considering the link of this crime category to rife organised crime and gangsterism in the province,” he said. 

SAPS management ‘need greater stability’

Allen said that the SAPS need to get their house in order, and ensure that these factional battles that are becoming more and more frequent be handled and resolved swiftly. He added that leaving aspects of law enforcement to the Western Cape government, and decentralising the SAPS, is a viable option. 

“The latest development speaks to a greater need for stability within the management of SAPS. We call on the SAPS management to prevent any alleged factional battles.”

“As the DA we thus reiterate our call that the mandate on police service to be decentralised to the authority of the provincial government. The province has proven capability and willingness to properly institute the primary mandate of safety services in the interest of the people of the Western Cape,” he said.