gubb middle finger guptas financial markets

James Gubb created a “middle finger” of financial trading art for the Guptas

This is absolutely incredible.

gubb middle finger guptas financial markets

While you and I might feel like all this financial trading art malarky is too complicated to understand, James Gubb sees it as art.

Such art, in fact, that seasoned equities trader and hedge fund manager James Gubb made sent a middle finger to the Guptas. Pretty literally.

After former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and Mcebisi Jonas got the boot, Gubb began trading Gupta-owned Oakbay shares in order to create, in the price chart, a work of art depicting a middle finger.

It all took off when Gordhan called on the country’s citizens to mobilise and join the dots. Gubb did his bit in the form of what is almost certainly first piece of protest art on a financial media platform in the world. To create his art, Gubb traded Gupta-owned Oakbay shares.

But Gubb’s work was stopped short. He told the Daily Maverick this week:

“The JSE stopped me as I was dropping the right hand side of the finger.”

And then he was fined. This week, Gubbwas slapped with a R100 000 fine by the FSB for contravening section 80 of the Financial Markets Act.

Their reasoning is all very complicated and we suggest you read the explanation on the Daily Maverick. But Gubb is undeterred, he said that he is well-chuffed with his work – and has even been receiving offers to purchase it.

“People are already making an offer on it. I think I will stick it in a gold frame. I took one for the team by paying the R100,000 and I have a feeling it will turn out to be the best money I have ever spent. I encourage every person to do something for one’s country. I don’t care what it is, it might be writing a letter, contributing to amaBhungane or Scorpio, or whistle-blowing or helping in a fundraiser. I don’t care. Just do something.”