ANC Jacob Zuma Derek Hanekom apologise

Left: Former President Jacob Zuma (image via GCIS) Right: Derek Hanekom (Image via AFP)

Jacob Zuma loses to Derek Hanekom in court – adding to his hefty legal bill

Stick it on the bill: A bruising morning in court for Jacob Zuma has seen him lose another legal case, after Derek Hanekom successfully sued him for defamation.

ANC Jacob Zuma Derek Hanekom apologise

Left: Former President Jacob Zuma (image via GCIS) Right: Derek Hanekom (Image via AFP)

The legal bills of Jacob Zuma just went up by another half-million rand: The former president has lost a court case against ex-tourism minister Derek Hanekom, who sued Msholozi for posting a “defamatory” Tweet.

Derek Hanekom vs Jacob Zuma

The post in question labelled Hanekom a “known enemy agent”, implying that the current official in the presidency had conspired against the government on behalf of external, sinister forces. However, Zuma made the claim with nothing to substantiate it – and now, he’s been made to pay the price.

Spygate and Derek Hanekom

Hanekom found himself in the firing line of Jacob Zuma – and a few other staunch ANC representatives – after he admitted meeting with EFF members in a plot to force JZ out of office in 2017. Zuma had narrowly avoided losing his job to a no confidence motion on 2017, and his popularity nosedived shortly afterwards.

Cyril Ramaphosa replaced Zuma in office just a few months later, and it was seemingly a case of “job done” for Derek Hanekom. However, Julius Malema has had a rather public spat with the ANC stalwart, and during one of Busisiwe Mkhwebane’s August court cases, he spilled the beans on Hanekom’s pact with the EFF.

Ace Magashule issued a statement – speaking on behalf of the ANC, no less – where Hanekom was blasted for being a charlatan and a “sleeper agent” within the party. That wasn’t enough to force legal action, but when uBaba used his Twitter account to stir the pot, Hanekom drew the line and took his former boss to court.

What Jacob Zuma has to do now

Judge Dhaya Pillay ruled in favour of Hanekom’s application, and Zuma will now have to scoff down a slice of humble pie. The financial implications could be devastating for the former president, who is currently appealing a decision to make him repay R16 million in legal fees he racked up during his time in office.

The conditions of Friday’s judgement are as follows:

  • Jacob Zuma must pay R500 000 to Derek Hanekom for “defaming his character”.
  • The ex-leader has been told to issue a public apology, too.
  • Furthermore, the court has demanded that Zuma deletes the Tweet in question as a show of good faith.

Msholozi and spies

Over the past couple of months, Jacob Zuma’s obsession with “spies” has landed him in a bit of trouble. In July, he went on a huge tirade at the State Capture Inquiry, claiming he was the victim of an apartheid plot to stain his character indefinitely. Not many people bought into it, though, and Zuma left the commission early.

Zuma’s paranoia has ultimately ended up costing him a lot of money, and left him with egg on his face. He isn’t the subject of a James Bond film, but his bank account has certainly been left shaken and stirred.