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‘Mthembu works for Satan’: ANC KZN leader to be suspended for shock rant

This, by all accounts, is bang out of order. A regional ANC leader – Khabo Nene – has been heard berating Jackson Mthembu after his death.


Photo: GCIS / Flickr

A prominent ANC figure has been slammed for her insensitive reaction to the death of Jackson Mthembu. The minister passed away due to COVID-19 complications on Thursday, sparking a mass outpouring of grief. However, this local party leader in KZN refused to share her sympathies, electing to spew conspiracy theories and criticisms of Mthembu instead.

The Khabo Nene voicenote

Khabo Nene, a member of the ANC Mzala Nxumalo regional executive committee (REC) in KwaZulu-Natal, was heard on a widely circulated voicenote openly slating Minister Mthembu. Amongst other things, she revelled in the death of a senior politician, making a series of wild and unfounded claims about the 62-year-old.

  • She outright brands Mthembu ‘rubbish’, claiming that it is ‘proper’ he died from COVID-19 complications.
  • Nene rambles into conspiracy theories, blaming the deceased for forcing ‘a Bill Gates agenda’ upon South Africa.
  • The regional leader then accuses Jackson Mthembu of working for Satan.
  • An unhinged Khabo Nene also blamed the entire government for ‘plotting to kill its own citizens’…

“We’re angry, and hurt, we are bleeding because of people like Jackson Mthembu. Don’t think this is a game, people think we are laughing, we are hurting, our families have died because of people like him who’ve been flaunting on the TV speaking as if they won’t die. Those who have been killing people are a laughing stock with people realising they can also die.”

Khabo Nene

Jackson Mthembu funeral on Sunday 24 January

The regional working committee for Pongola and Vryheid has resolved that Khabo Nene must be suspended for her shocking outburst, branding the party member’s conduct as ‘unfortunate’.

Jackson Mthembu will be laid to rest at an official state funeral on Sunday, in his hometown of Emalahleni in Mpumalanga. Flags will be flown at half-mast right through until later this evening, as South Africa bids a fond farewell to an ANC veteran.