Human Rights Day EFF

The party says that Human Rights Day is ‘the highest form of revisionism’ – Image via Gallo Images / Frank Trimbos

IWD 2021: Women would be ‘radically prioritised’ under an EFF-led government, the party says

The EFF says systems of oppression must be confronted

Human Rights Day EFF

The party says that Human Rights Day is ‘the highest form of revisionism’ – Image via Gallo Images / Frank Trimbos

International Women’s Day is observed annually on 8 March. The Economic Freedom Fighters acknowledges that it’s a “vital opportunity for the world to strengthen the quest of realising women’s rights”.

The purpose of the day is to celebrate the social, economic, political and cultural achievements of women, and to accelerate gender parity. With that in mind, the EFF acknowledges the participation of woman in “social, economic and political arenas”.

“The Economic Freedom Fighters recognises that the growth of this historic day was made manifest from and by the unrelenting voices of labour movements and women activists”.

Economic Freedom Fighters statement

It is therefore important to note that the “cushioning of misogyny, homophobia and transphobia are a reality rested upon the perpetuation of capitalism, patriarchy and racism”. the party says.

The EFF says “these systems of oppression” must be confronted in order for the true emancipation of woman to be facilitated and in particular that of Black women, “who are subjected to the vicious reality” of oppression.

“It is a shameful reality that women in South Africa live in constant fear”, which extends to the inability for a woman to “walk freely, travel safely” and use public transportation and services. The party notes that women aren’t even “safe from harm in their homes”.

“This tragic reality of the violence waged against women is so rife in South Africa that it comes as no shock when a woman gets shot and killed in cold blood by her husband inside Madeira Police Station in Mthatha, Eastern Cape”.

The party also believes that South Africa (and the world at large) is still “fertile ground for the subjugation of women”. In SA, this also extends to the women who face poverty and marginalization.

The wage gap, for example, has women earning 30% less than men in the same jobs or within the same companies without consequence. The EFF also notes that President Ramaphosa is to blame for only declaring a 40% goal by government to found women-owned businesses.

“A rate of 50% should have been the minimum rate in an attempt to oscillate the gendered funding system and subsequently the bias in favour of men.”

The party points out that South African women make up approximately 80% of the agricultural workforce, “a disturbing reality that access to land and proceeds that come from land ownership are still not a reality for African women”.

The EFF believes that Black woman should rightfully be centred in the process of regaining access to land, and assures that this would be possible under an EFF-led government.

The EFF is in permanent pursuit of being a protest movement and incoming government that will radically prioritise women in the benefits of economic emancipation, intentional education against patriarchy and sexism in the broader society, the family, places of work and education”.