Isis affiliated suspects

Islamic State flag waving on the wind – Photo: Flickr

Islamic State terrorists ‘issue threat’ to South Africa

This year has taken another chaotic turn, as insurgents from Islamic State (ISIS) have threatened to bring their violent campaign into South Africa.

Isis affiliated suspects

Islamic State flag waving on the wind – Photo: Flickr

Members of Islamic State (ISIS) have told South Africa to avoid ‘getting into a war it cannot afford’, as the global terror network continues to wreak havoc with its insurgency in northern Mozambique.

The ISIS threat to South Africa

Violence in the Cabo Delgado region has escalated in recent months, and there have been suggestions that South Africa could draft in its own recruits to fight the terrorists alongside troops from Mozambique and other members of the African Union (AU). However, this has only served to irritate the local Islamic State cell.

In a chilling warning, ISIS has vowed to bring a war to South Africa if it tries to get involved with its north-easterly neighbour. The insurgents have also taunted the government, saying that an orchestrated terror campaign would bring the country to its knees in a financial sense.

Will Islamic State attack South Africa?

Kobus Marais, the Shadow Minister of Defence, issued a statement on the rising tensions earlier on Tuesday. He has called for SANDF to address these threats head-on, and the DA member has asked for soldiers to be redeployed from the streets of South Africa to the troubled Cabo Delgado region:

“In its latest newsletter, ISIS – in the form of Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamaah or Al Shabaab – warns South Africa to ‘not get involved’ in the current conflict in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province. We cannot afford to ignore this threat from Islamic State or take its warning lightly, and SANDF must join to fight against terror.”

“It’s time the Defence Minister [Mapisa-Nqakula] reprioritises SANDF troops deployed on South African streets to rather act on its normal mandate, and safeguard South African borders to regain regional stability. The duel threat of ISIS and COVID-19 continues to plague the country, but we must support Mozambique.”

Kobus Marais