Isipingo Durban Traffic

Isipingo: Schoolkids run riot as Durban protests cause traffic chaos [video]

Footage from an Isipingo school shows students trashing the facility, as burning tyres mount-up on some of the major traffic routes around Durban.

Isipingo Durban Traffic

A wave of violent demonstrations have swept across Isipingo, a town ten miles south of Durban. The chaos currently engulfing the suburb has caused some significant traffic issues leading towards the city, as police battle to restore law and order to the unsettled region.

Isipingo: Latest traffic news for Durban on Thursday 19 September

We haven’t been able to establish a reason for the protests yet. What we can tell you is that burning tyres and debris-filled roads have been spotted in Isipingo on Thursday morning.

  • Trouble has flared up near the M35 junction in Orient Hill. It caused heavy traffic in the area Southbound.
  • Mangosuthu Highway in Isipingo was labelled “no-go zone”, according to some sources
  • Multiple protests were reported on Old Main Road. Burning tyres and road blocks have been clocked.
  • Most roads were reopened by 8:00.

The dramatic scenes would arguably be more at home in Isidingo, rather than Isipingo. But this is the reality many locals are facing this morning. The anarchy has flared-up less than 24 hours after students at the Reunion Secondary School were filmed running amok at the facility.

Reunion Secondary School turns into a battlefield

Scores of learners participated in smashing up the school, as chairs and tables were thrown from classrooms. Emergency response teams were called to the situation, and one security unit reported seeing broken doors and smashed windows. Fixing the damage will come at a heavy price.

Their reason for going overboard? Education Spokesperson Muzi Mahlambi told local media that the pupils were rioting in Isipingo because their principal was retiring. The much-loved educator broke the news to the school, illiciting a reaction of sheer, unfiltered rage.

“They were disappointed when hearing about the news, they argued that the principal has been very good in terms of providing leadership and the school has been performing well.”

“Their fear is that whoever comes in might not perform as well. We have spoken to the school pupils and their leadership and explained the processes for when somebody retires.”

Muzi Mahlambi

Watch Isipingo students destroy the school here:

Hopes that normality could be resumed in Isipingo on Thursday have been immediately dashed by this early morning unrest. No school closures have yet been announced, but the traffic issue in Durban could severely hamper learners and their parents as they make their way in.