Eskom load shedding Friday

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Load shedding for Friday 8 November: Expect more power cuts ‘later today’

Eskom have implemented a new round of load shedding, which is set to continue on Friday. The firm say that another bout of power cuts are “highly likely”.

Eskom load shedding Friday

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Load shedding has returned to South Africa this week, for the second time in a fortnight. With warnings of constrained power systems and depleted water reserves being echoed all week, Eskom had been preparing us all for the worst – it’s safe to say, on this occasion, they have stayed true to their word.

Load shedding for Friday 8 November – it’s highly likely:

On Thursday evening, the national power utility released an official statement, noting that Stage 2 rotational load shedding would be implemented between 22:00 and 05:00. According to Eskom, this bout of overnight powerlessness results from a dire depletion of emergency fuel reserves.

The situation has been made worse by unplanned breakages – a remnant of Eskom’s notoriously poor maintenance programme. As a result, Eskom has been unable to meet the nation’s power demands, despite South Africa’s summer electricity needs being the lowest in many months.

What has caused this?

The misery is all but certain to continue at some point on Friday. Eskom have warned that the probability of load shedding is now “highliy likely”. They have stressed that they will attempt to minimise the disruption by implementing another “overnight schedule”, but they can’t make any guarantees it won’t hit sooner:

“We will need to continue to replenish both our water levels at pumped storage schemes and diesel for our open cycle gas turbines. Our objective remains not to implement load shedding on Friday. But with more than 10 500 MW of power off the grid, the probability of power cuts remains high for the latter part of the day.”

“Eskom will communicate an update later today. Our technical teams are working tirelessly to return units from planned and unplanne maintenance and to replenish our emergency reserves. We strongly urge customers to assist by helping us reduce the demand on electricity.”

Eskom on the chances of load shedding for Friday
  • You can read the full Eskom statement here: