Is the first SNOW of the year expected this weekend?

The first SNOW of the year expected this weekend. Images: Stock/Canva/X/SAWS

Is the first SNOW of the year expected this weekend?

Is the first light snowfall for the year expected in these parts of South Africa this coming weekend? Here is more information.

Is the first SNOW of the year expected this weekend?

The first SNOW of the year expected this weekend. Images: Stock/Canva/X/SAWS

We are so excited! These parts of South Africa are expecting the first light snowfall of the year this coming weekend.


According to SA Weather Service (SAWS) forecaster Lehlohonolo Thobela, there is a possibility for light snowfall over high-lying Eastern Cape and Lesotho areas from Saturday evening into Sunday, mainly over parts of the Drakensberg.

It is worth noting that this is an early prediction that could change quickly. Light snowfall will also melt very quickly.

Meanwhile, the South African Weather Services (SAWS) warned of cold temperatures, widespread rainfall, and potential flooding expected over parts of South Africa this weekend into early next week.


“Following recent prolonged heatwaves and below-average rainfall over much of South Africa’s interior, cooler and unsettled weather conditions are expected across many regions over the coming days.”

The SAWS said an intense low-pressure system, known as a cut-off low, is forecasted to bring widespread showers and thundershowers to many parts of the country this weekend into early next week.

It explained that cut-off lows are large weather systems notorious for causing widespread flooding, as evidenced by events such as the well-known KwaZulu-Natal flooding in 2022 and the Laingsburg flooding in 1981.

Meteorologists forecast an intense low-pressure system to bring these weather conditions

“These weather systems can also bring damaging winds, severe thunderstorms, and even snow, depending on the season in which they develop. Cut-off lows are most frequent during the Autumn and Spring seasons, with the highest frequency during April.”

Since Wednesday, the SAWS reported that it transported tropical moisture from neighboring countries to the central and eastern interior of South Africa.

“This will result in scattered rainfall that will continue on Friday, spreading to the southern parts of the Western Cape and parts of the Eastern Cape tonight into Friday.”

Starting Friday, the southern and eastern parts of the country forecast cooler temperatures.

The SAWS forecasted the development of an intense cut-off low along the west coast of the country starting Saturday afternoon.

“It will then move over the Northern Cape on Sunday, reach the interior of the Western Cape on Monday, and exit along the southern coast of the Western Cape on Tuesday (9 April). Widespread showers and thundershowers are expected to develop over much of the country during Saturday and will continue until at least Tuesday. Calm and clear weather conditions will then return to many areas.”


Persistent showers and thundershowers may lead to flooding over the central and eastern parts of the country, particularly from Sunday into Monday, while severe thunderstorms with heavy rainfall and large amounts of small hail are possible over the western interior from Sunday into Monday.

“There is also an indication of heavy rainfall over parts of the Overberg and south-west coast of the Western Cape on Monday into Tuesday as the cut-off low exits along the southern coast of the Western Cape.

“The Cape south-west coast may also experience a strong to gale force south-easterly wind, which could affect coastal marine routines and operations.”

the SAWS said,

SAWS further stated that parts of the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, and KwaZulu-Natal will experience cool to cold maximum temperatures from Saturday, spreading to the rest of the country on Sunday into Monday.

Most of South Africa expects cool to cold maximum temperatures on Monday

“Day-time temperatures are expected to be in the high teens and low twenties across most parts and will even go down to the low teens over the high-lying areas of the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

“There remains uncertainty among Numeric Weather Prediction (NWP) models regarding the intensity and future movement of the system. This uncertainty could lead to changes in rainfall amounts and distribution and the South African Weather Service will therefore provide regular updates to the public and disaster management on expected weather conditions and potential Impact-Based warnings.”

the SAWS said.

Authorities advise the public to take necessary precautions

The SAWS strongly advised that the public take necessary precautions during this weekend and early next week.

“This includes avoiding crossing flooded roads, bridges, and swollen streams.”

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