Golden Visa

5 Exciting Ways to Obtain Portugal Golden Visa. Image: Google

5 Exciting Ways to Obtain Portugal Golden Visa

Expansion and purchase of real estate with the possibility of resale are good reasons to think about life in Portugal.

Golden Visa

5 Exciting Ways to Obtain Portugal Golden Visa. Image: Google

Traveling to the land of eternal summer will bring bright impressions, but what do you think about moving? Apart from the high standard of living, the offer is attractive with its advantages. Business development, expansion of the sphere of influence and purchase of real estate with the possibility of resale are good reasons to think about life in Portugal.

Interest in the benefits of the offer the government has been supporting for the last 10 years. Immigrants receive the right to temporary residence in the country for investing in the economy or other areas. To assess whether Portugal Golden Visa meets your expectations, a brief but detailed review will help.

Portugal Golden Visa Overview

In order to attract foreign capital, it was necessary to create unique programs. It was equally difficult to maintain interest, because immigrants are interested in moving if there are advantages. Thus, Portugal became a sought-after country as a backup plan.

The main advantage of the offer is a long period of existence. The program, which is in demand today, appeared in 2012. During this period, the status of Portugal residency was granted to more than 30 thousand entrepreneurs. This was facilitated by:

  1. A variety of options. There are five ways to obtain legal status. Choose the one that meets your needs.
  2. Stable price. The minimum cost is equal to only 250 thousand euros. No price increase is expected in the near future.
  3. Fast application process. You can get the right to temporary residence within 10 months, regardless of the investment option.

Soft requirements and multi variability allows you to join the ranks of those investors  who have received a residence permit and seek to formalize a residence permit.

Investment Fund Units

Earlier the purchase of real estate was in special demand, but today a lot has changed. This proposal has outlived itself, so the government offers to invest in shares and get a profit after 5 years. During this period it is possible to return the money spent and acquire a residence.

The advantages of this option include:

  • guaranteed payback period;
  • the possibility not to move to the country until the next stage;
  • to save on participation and earn money.

The amount of investment is from 500 thousand euros. The immigrant also pays for the processing of the application, issuance of official documents and commissions.

Real Estate

Wealthy entrepreneurs will like the idea of buying real estate in a promising country. The minimum investment starts from 280 thousand euros. For a successful transaction you need to take into account:

  1. The age of the building. Buying structures with an age of 30 years allows you to lower the investment threshold.
  2. Location. Owners of buildings in the relevant part of the city can support sparsely populated areas and get a “discount”.
  3. Participation in renovation projects. The restoration of buildings contributes to reducing the cost of participation to a minimum of 280 thousand euros.

The purchase of commercial or residential real estate allows you to return the capital within 5 years. After the minimum holding period, the buildings are sold or rented out.

Cultural Heritage Restore

The development of the country includes an interest in supporting cultural heritage. For this reason, this option is included in the list of available options. The size of the investment is from 250 thousand euros, which makes the option stand out among the others. 

The charitable contribution is not refundable, and the ownership remains with the country. However, this will not prevent you from obtaining the required documents and enjoying the amenities of Portugal. According to Zlata Erlach, an expert of the Immigrant Invest agency, the option is suitable for those investors who want to move to the country in a short period of time.

Research Activities

The research and development of Portuguese scientists requires investment as much as any other field. It is not difficult to provide the required support and obtain a residence permit in the country. To do this, it is necessary to select a research project that is approved by the state and invest capital in it.

In this way, the cost of residence permit will be from 500 thousand euros. At the same time, the investor includes in the application close relatives who have fulfilled the requirements. Thus, moving to sunny Portugal will be not only affordable, but also easy.

Employment for Сitizens

You don’t have to stop at Portuguese real estate investment to get residency status. The country offers to evaluate the benefits of working under its rules. Thus, an immigrant creates from 5 to 10 jobs for the local population and develops business in comfortable conditions.

The applicant who has chosen this option fulfills several requirements:

  • the value of the company is from 500 thousand euros;
  • the Portuguese are employed on a full-time basis;
  • the number of jobs is up to 10.

Transferring the business or establishing a branch office allows to expand the market and receive an influx of profits from Portugal.


Residents of the country enjoy the rights of a permanent resident as soon as the application is approved. Thus, immigrants visit the Schengen area with a visa on arrival, use a simplified tax system and continue to work under favorable conditions.

The possibility to include other applicants in the application means that the Portugal investor visa is available to them without capital investment. The children receive a quality education, the spouse enjoys the right to visa-free entry and the parents remain in care. It remains to choose your preferred option.

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