Vaccination R100 vouchers

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COVID-19: SA to offer R100 vouchers to over-60s who vaccinate

Need an incentive to get your COVID-19 jab? Our government is set to introduce vaccination R100 vouchers to over-60s who vaccinate.

Vaccination R100 vouchers

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The Department of Health is drafting a set of incentives to encourage Mzansi citizens aged 60 and above to get COVID-19 vaccination, the motivations will include R100 vouchers. This was confirmed on Wednesday 27 October.


The health department’s spokesperson Foster Mohale revealed that the government has teamed up with local enterprises that will fund the prizes for getting jabs.

Some of the supporting incentives, which are still being deliberated on, will include bargains on e-hailing cabs such as Uber and taxi associations to drive people to get COVID-19 vaccines at jab stations.

Further details are set to be finalised via the health department’s Friday weekly updates.


The Business For South Africa (B4SA) said the vaccination R100 voucher incentives will be available to senior citizens who will get COVID-19 vaccines within November.

The campaign will be rolled out from 12 to 14 November, with the country’s leaders expected to encourage the public to get the vaccination R100 vouchers.

“There’s also good news for the over-60s – those who get vaccinated during the month of November will automatically receive a Vooma Vaccination Voucher valued at R100,” the statement said.

“People are more likely to will come forward to be vaccinated if they hear the message from people they trust: people who can reassure them, take away some of their anxieties, and provide them with the facts.”

Meanwhile, in other news that should be relevant to the vaccination R100 vouchers, KwaZulu-Natal Health MEC Nomagugu Simelane has dismissed the latest hideous myth that claims the Covid-19 vaccine turns people into blood-thirsty cannibals.

“As I stand before you, I’ve never had the urge to eat anyone, and it will never happen. So, what people are saying about the vaccine making people want to eat others…of being part of 5G technology, or linked to the work of the devil, is all nothing but a myth,” she said.

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