These areas in Cape Town will have no water from Monday.

These areas in Cape Town will have no water from Monday. Image: iStock

Ikageng reservoir: A water supply game changer in North West

The Department of Water and Sanitation is enhancing clean water supply by building the Ikageng 25-megalitre reservoir in North West.

These areas in Cape Town will have no water from Monday.

These areas in Cape Town will have no water from Monday. Image: iStock

The Department of Water and Sanitation is taking significant steps to improve access to clean and reliable water supply in South Africa’s North West province. One of the notable initiatives is the construction of the Ikageng 25-megalitre ground reservoir in the JB Marks Local Municipality.

This project is a part of the broader Potchefstroom Water Treatment Works upgrade. Consisting of six phases designed to enhance water supply.

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The project aims to address the water needs of the region and is part of the Operation Bulela Metsi initiative. A concerted effort by the department and other stakeholders to ensure consistent water supply.

The construction of the reservoir is funded through the Regional Bulk Infrastructure Grant, with the municipality acting as the implementing agent.

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Reliable water supply

“Construction of the reservoir began in January and is expected to conclude by July 2024, providing over 100 job opportunities to local residents. The reservoir and new bulk distribution pipeline will serve various communities. Benefiting around 22,000 households and a population of 94,201 individuals.”

Department of Water and Sanitation

This project is particularly significant because it replaces the decommissioned Ikageng West Reservoirs. Restoring storage capacity and ensuring a reliable water supply for the affected areas.

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Furthermore, the reservoir site has been carefully chosen to accommodate future developments, aligning with the region’s urban expansion plans.

Operation Bulela Metsi

Operation Bulela Metsi represents a joint effort to improve water and sanitation services in the province, initiated by Minister Senzo Mchunu and the Provincial Government.

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent oversight inspection reaffirms the commitment to expedite bulk water projects in water-stressed communities.

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The collaboration between the department, provincial government, and various entities is a vital step toward ensuring water security throughout the province and the country.