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IFP push ahead with plans to introduce ‘quota system’ for foreign workers

A quota system for foreign workers, you say? The IFP have explained their “patriotic” plans on Wednesday, after submitting a bill to Parliament.


Photo: IFP / Twitter

South Africa is a country bitterly divided on the way we see the introduction of foreign workers to our shores. While many are happy to welcome migrant employees from our continent and further afield, the issue has sparked riots across South Africa within the past year or so. However, the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) believe they have a fair compromise in place.

Is a quota system the best way to regulate jobs in South Africa?

Spaza shops have been looted, foreigners have been chased from their business premises, and thousands of South Africans took part in allegedly xenophobic protests which gained international condemnation. The situation has calmed in the advent of the new year, but we know just how quickly tensions can boil over again.

The IFP says it’ll be introducing a private members’ bill to Parliament this year with proposals to help account for the number of migrant workers in South Africa. They are launching their bid to help quell the ill-feelings, while restoring a sense of urgency for the domestic workforce – more than 10 million South Africans are jobless in 2020.

IFP explain their bill submission

Mkhuleko Hlengwa went on SABC to defend the IFP’s views on Wednesday. He claims there is nothing “xenophobic” about the proposals, and stated the party were acting in a “patriotic” manner:

“Xenophobia only becomes a runaway train if you don’t introduce the interventions needed which bring people together. This bill will help create an environment that is fit for cooperation. It’s also not without precedent. It’s a patriotic step, because we have to secure the interests of South Africans first and foremost.”

“We also need Home Affairs to start doing their jobs. They have to shape-up to make it fair for the rest of us. As the IFP, we condemn all acts of xenophobia. But this bill is the best possible way of introducing a clear framework.”

Mkhuleko Hlengwa