Police Minister Bheki Cele and leadership visited the residents of the West Rand this weekend. PHOTO: SAPS

ICYMI: Minister Bheki Cele orders a CLEAN-UP of police in the West Rand

Residents of the West Rand complained to Minister Bheki Cele about corrupt police officials and their inadequacy to respond.


Police Minister Bheki Cele and leadership visited the residents of the West Rand this weekend. PHOTO: SAPS

Police Minister Bheki Cele has ordered a full clean-up of the police in the West Rand following complaints of their conduct.

The Police Ministry and National Commissioner General Fannie Masemola conducted a visit to Krugersdorp and Kagiso at the weekend.

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The visit comes after the gang rape of eight girls last month in Krugersdorp. Since then, 130 illegal miners and undocumented persons have been arrested, with some believed to be behind the heinous crime.

The violent act also sparked violent protests in Kagiso, where one person was killed during the unrest.

The Ministry applauded the community of Kagiso for exercising restraint and handing over the suspected illegal miners, despite protests earlier this week. Cele appealed to residents to work with the police and bring forwaard any information that can assist police interventions and operations.

Minister Bheki Cele said they will conduct a clean-up of police in the West Rand following complaints from communities. PHOTO: SAPS

But the Imbizo also came from numerous complaints of corrupt police officers and local police failing to adequately respond to the community’s needs.

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Cele has ordered a full South African Police Service (SAPS) clean-up in the West Rand as an immediate policing intervention.

“No community must be prisoners of crime and ruthless criminals who act without impunity. Residents have the right to feel safe and to sleep at night. This is why the SAPS must be seen and must be felt while the sealing of mines is expedited by those responsible.”

Minister Bheki Cele


The Minister also said allegations of corruption and inadequate service delivery at police stations will be probed. This will be at the provincial level and any required action will be taken.

He further acknowledged the community’s call for the South African Defence Force (SANDF) to be deployed.

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“The request to bring in the army will be considered when the need arises. This process takes a long time, however, in the meantime, the police’s response to flush out these zama-zamas will continue. It will be bolstered by reinforcement of these specialised units, who will be deployed here while government works on a broader plan to tackle the whole value chain of illicit mining and its benefactors,” Cele said.