Mmusi Maimane. Photo: @Our_DA / Twitter)

DA’s latest SMS campaign infuriates voters after “personal details” query

Citizens who were being targeted by unsolicited messages from the DA have run into issues when it comes to unsubscribing from the service.


Mmusi Maimane. Photo: @Our_DA / Twitter)

It’s hard to tell who is having the worst election campaign so far. Both the DA and the ANC have been embroiled in the war of the billboards, and each party has had to fight fires due to “insensitive content“. We’re now living in a parallel universe where the EFF are doing the best job of keeping on the straight and narrow.

However, it’s an old tactic that has landed the DA in trouble once more. They were kakked out for badgering citizens with messages and communications last year, but they haven’t learnt much from that.

What messages have the DA been sending?

During the voter registration weekend, people who had previously given their details to the party were bombarded by texts and emails imploring the electorate to “keep the ANC and EFF out of the Western Cape”. Messages were sent in Afrikaans too, with some people complaining that they did not understand the SMS they received.

Not to worry though, the good thing about this situation is that you can always unsubscribe, right? Well, not exactly. The DA want fed-up citizens to share their cell number, ID number and email address when visiting the official unsubscription page.

Party explain their stance

They state that this is to ensure your contact information “is registered with the correct person and nobody else”, and go on to explain that this is the only way to absolutely guarantee a permanent removal from their database:

“Our internal unsubscribe listing has an ID number, a cellphone number or email address and information about whether your wish to stop receiving SMS messages, emails or calls. Without this information, we cannot guarantee that you will be permanently removed from DA communication.”


However, good intentions or otherwise, South Africans are somewhat incandescent with the convoluted process.

How to unsubscribe from DA messages ahead of the 2019 Elections

  • Visit this link, and follow the instructions to share your details.
  • Not happy with sharing your personal details? You can click “unsubscribe” on any email they send, removing you from circulation.
  • Alternatively, you can reply “STOP” to any message you’ve received from the DA over the weekend.