how to charge your phone battery properly

Why you should not charge your phone overnight. Image: TCL/ Supplied

How to correctly charge your phone

Ditch bad charging habits and unlock a longer-lasting phone battery. Get practical tips to make the most of each charge.

how to charge your phone battery properly

Why you should not charge your phone overnight. Image: TCL/ Supplied

We rely on our phones for everything, making a dead battery a real inconvenience. The instinct to top up our phones overnight is understandable, but is it really the best way to ensure a reliable device?

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Let’s dive into the science behind battery health and discover how to charge your phone battery properly for optimal longevity.

The Hidden Cost of Convenience

While full charges give an instant sense of security, your battery pays a price over time. Imagine your battery like a balloon – constantly inflating and deflating to its maximum capacity causes wear and tear.

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Lithium-ion batteries perform best with partial charges. Aiming for that 20-80% sweet spot reduces internal stress and prolongs the number of charge cycles your battery can handle.

Debunking the Overcharging Myth

Modern smartphones have built-in safeguards to prevent a true “overcharge.” However, that constant trickle of power needed to maintain 100% still puts a strain on the battery’s components.

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Over time, this leads to diminished capacity and shorter overall lifespan.

Beyond the Basics: Smart Charging Habits for your phone

Here are some additional ways to enhance your battery’s well-being:

  • Fast charging with care: Quick charging is fantastic in a pinch, but relying on it daily accelerates battery degradation. Use it sparingly, especially when your phone is warm.
  • Mind your apps: Identify and uninstall power-hungry apps. Turn off background refresh and location services for less essential applications.
  • Brightness and screen timeout: Lowering brightness and setting a shorter screen timeout dramatically reduce power consumption.

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Proactive Battery Care Pays Off

By implementing these easy practices, you’ll not only improve your phone’s daily performance but also extend its lifespan. That translates to fewer frustrating low-battery warnings and delays in upgrading to a new device.

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A little attention to your charging habits makes a big difference in how long your phone remains a dependable companion.